Getting Started with Webhooks



  • Josh Green

    Where does one get the Ungerboeck Integrations SDK?  It doesn't seem to be on nuget.org?  The API SDK is but not the Webhook SDK

  • Craig Dudenhoeffer

    Currently it is shipped in the v20 \bin folder. 

  • Josh Green

    Thanks Craig.  I'm using a hosted SAAS solution so I don't have access to any v20\bin folder.

  • Craig Dudenhoeffer

    For now, can you enter a support ticket?  We can get you those files through that process.  We still have a few things to work out before getting it into NuGet.

  • Andrew Grant

    I have the Ungerboeck Integrations SDK installed, but there is no AccountUpdatedDTO that is used in the example above. There is only AccountDTO. Is this the correct object to use?

  • Craig Dudenhoeffer

    Andrew -  Yes, that is the correct object to use.  

  • Kieron Marshall

    Seems like it is still not on nuget? I have lodged a ticket to have to get it.




  • Phil barker

    We have just set up a web hook receiver and can see that our API is being triggered by AccountUpdated over HTTPS.

    However, the webhook is not sending any data to the API.

    Are there any other steps that we need to follow other than those outlined above?

  • Hi Phil, i've not experienced this before. Maybe try pointing Ungerboeck at RequestBin to confirm it's not an issue with your receiver?

  • Phil barker

    Thanks for your reply Lee.

    Apologies for my ignorance but I didn't even know that RequestBin existed.

    I had been trying to trace the web requests using Fiddler, but without any success.

    I'll try RequestBin and let you know ...

  • Cristina Pueyo

    What data send Update Account's webhook? 

    Will send data on json format?

    Wich is the AccountDTO structure?

    I've got a simple controller make it on spring/java

    public void testWebHook(String body){

    LOGGER.info("[TEST WEBHOOK] {}", body);

    But on server I get this

  • Maggie U.


    Webhooks in Ungerboeck communicate using DTO’s (Data Transport Objects). We have a defined structure for each of the DTO that belong to a subject. For example, AccountDTO.

    All the DTO’s are created from the respective data models defined in UngerboeckSDKPackage for each subject. You will need Ungerboeck Integrations SDK to create these DTO’s.

    You should create the DTO using the Ungerboeck Integrations SDK. It should then be converted to JSON format before sending to the webhook. You don’t need to know the DTO/Model structure to use webhooks but below is the AllAccountsModel for reference.

    Hope this helps!



  • Hannes Eklund

    How should I make sure I have the latest/correct version of Ungerboeck Integrations SDK ?

    Only place I find it now is as Ungerboeck.Integrations.dll in bin folder in our 20.96 onprem installation.

    But I'm developing for v30.97, and obviously in the future we wont have an onprem installation (with a bin folder), even if the 20.96 dll is correct for use with 30.97...

  • Kieron Marshall
  • Hannes Eklund

    Thanks Kieron, but the SDK and SDKWrapper only contains code for the API, not the "Ungerboeck Integrations SDK" needed for webhooks, containing the DTO classes like AccountDTO used in the example in this article (Ungerboeck.Integrations.Webhooks namespace).

    I only find those classes in the Ungerboeck.Integrations.dll in the bin folder as stated above.


  • Maggie U.

    Hi Hannes,

    This is being discussed internally and I'll update this thread when I have an answer for you.



  • Jeroen Tuinenburg


    I’m fairly new (noob) in building API’s in MS Visual studio 2019 ASP.NET Framework Web Application.

    When I’m trying to get the USI example Webhook controller code to compile, I’ll get an error as shown beneath.

    if (value.SecretKey != SecretKey) gives an error:

    Error      CS0012 The type 'AllAccountsModel' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to assembly 'UngerboeckSDKPackage, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.

    However, I have all available Ungeboeck NuGet packes installed. (But can’t install one with version

    And is available under “References”:

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Can someone please help?


    Best Regards, Jeroen

  • Tickett Enterprises Support


    We are currently using the encryption option for the webhooks, but there is no information on decrypting the payload.

    We have found an old DLL that contains logic for decrypting the encrypted webhook. The class in the DLL is Ungerboeck.SDK.WebhookServer. The DLL looks to be over 6 years old, and we are wondering if there is more recent package for the decryption?

    Any help would be much appreciated. 



  • Rudy Scoggins

    Hi Eric,

    I recommend not using the encryption option due to the complexity.  The combination of https and the secret should be secure enough, and we are currently redesigning the encryption field as well as the distributed webhook SDK.


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