Payment Applications and Configuration



  • Rob Bodart

    When creating a Customer Payment Portal (version 2), "Copy Shortcut" does not work for me.  It acts like it is copying it to clipboard, but does not actually do it.  There is also not an available URL field; thus, I am not sure what the URL is.

    If I create a Payment Portal (version 1), "Copy Shortcut" does work.

    Am I missing something? How do you get the URL for a Customer Payment Portal (version 2)?

  • Lauren Curd

    Hi Rob - 

    First time users of the v2 Payment Portal or E-Payment Application will need to contact Customer Support to do the initial install of the application.  Once this is completed, the Copy Shortcut action will work on v2 Payment portals.  



  • Brooke Adamson

    The CRVA has two different types of service order specific payment options, one for our digital and visitor guide ad sales and one for exhibitors. We want a different invoice to run for each of them without having the client have to select them. How can we restrict reports by e-payment or customer payment portal configurations?



  • Kelly Potter

    Hi Brooke,

    Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. To provide you with the best possible assistance, I suggest you log a ticket with Support. This question may require time with a consultant, but Support is a great first point of contact!

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