Member Renewal - Online Payment of Standing Membership Orders



  • Carrie Spalding

    It can be a separate order form, but it doesn’t have to be. Basically it will allow selection of any item in any order form, then that’s what gets added to the existing membership order.


  • Mudit Dhebar - Business Systems

    Has anyone had chance to look into above steps for renewing membership online with an ability to add items before preparing for the invoice? I have come to know that V19 allows this functionality but unsure on iEBMS configs.

    Could USI please share any document for these iEBMS configs?



  • Chris Laffey

    It is possible to direct a member to the online renewal page through using mbd_p5_profile_editor_list.aspx as a starting point with the applicable organisation (oc) and configuration codes (cc)

  • Carrie Spalding


    I apologize for the delay in answering you.  

    There isn’t a separate option to activate the adding of additional items from the Membership form. When a person goes online to renew their membership (to whichever form you distribute as the renewal form), they will be able to choose any membership items you have configured on that form. Any additional selections will be added to their existing standing membership order and the membership order that gets generated upon renewal.



  • Mudit Dhebar - Business Systems

    Thanks Carrie, so basically it's an separate order form to be added in the iEBMS config for membership renewal with respective line items, have i understood correct here your answer?

  • Jonathan Mondejar

    Is it possible to enable the "Terms and Conditions" checkbox and make it required for user to tick before payment can be process?

  • Mark Fingerhut

    As of the current version, Terms and Conditions are not available in the Become a Member or the above membership renewal process. It may be possible to create a required UDF with a link to the T&C, but this UDF would be on their account page, not on the checkout/payment page.

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