The Account Merge Process



  • Thanks Carrie that's quite helpful. Apologies if I overlooked it, but your attachment mentions fields in EV870 like EV870_ADDRESS_L1, EV870_REP_CODE etc that are updated. Could you elaborate on the logic behind some of these updates please?
  • Carrie Spalding

    Lee, what I have been told so far is this: For EV870 (Hotel Flag, Hotel Capacity, Hotel Rating, Check in Time, Check out Time, Pay Location, Method of Money): If the merge account is a property and the merge into account is not, move over all the EV870 attribute data. Blank out all the merge account's attribute data.

    For EV870_REP_CODE fields: A merge from account might have been set as the account representative of other accounts. The account rep fields of those represented accounts are changed to the merge into account code.

    For ADDRESS fields: Address change to merge accounts: The address on subordinate accounts (for the 'merge account') will update to the address of the 'Merge into account' if the subordinate address matches the address for the merge account.

    If the address of the subordinate is different from its master(the 'merge account') then no changes will happen.

    For COMPANY: When merging account A into B, if the company name of the secondary accounts attached to account A is same as the company name of Account A then the company name of the secondary accounts attached to account A would be updated to the company name of account B.


  • Sean Tame

    Is there any way to add custom fields to the Merge Process?  In the event of custom integrations, additional tables of data for accounts may exist.  It would be great to be able to specify somewhere your own Table and Column values that should also be processed with the Merge.

  • Carrie Spalding

    Sean, please submit this as an enhancement request.

    Thank you!


  • Trevor Deeks

    A few questions I have related to this topic that hopefully can be answered either through this conversation or a phone call would work as well.

    1) Do you lose any notes/activities/documents on the "Merge from" account after you merge master accounts?

    2) Do any previously closed/invoiced orders move into the "Merge to" account from the "Merge from" account?

    3) What if you have open A/R or A/P balances on the "Merge from" account?  Will these be lost or do they need to be at a zero balance?

    4) If you have contacts in a subordinate "Merge from" account, what happens to these if you merge them into the "Merge to" master account?  

    I may have other questions depending on the answers but any help someone can provide would be great.

    Thank you


  • Carrie Spalding

    Hi Trevor!

    To answer your questions in order:

    1 – No notes, activities, or documents are lost.  They are moved to the “merge to“ account.

    2 – Closed invoices are moved to the “merge to” account.

    3 – Open balances are moved to the “merge to” account.

    4 – The contacts are moved to the “merge to” account.

    Thank you!


  • Eileen Durand

    Hi, I am wondering about the Contacts during the merge.  It looks to me that when there are contacts on a merge-from account, the address on the contact gets lost and takes on the address of the destination account.  Has anyone figured out a way to keep the original address on the contact and just have it (the contact) move to the new account for association purposes but keep its original data (address) ?  thanks very much, Eileen

  • Carrie Spalding

    Hi Eileen, 

    I see you opened a ticket for this question, and a USI team member answered you.  Just in case anyone else would be looking for this information, I wanted to repost his answer here:

    I tested this in current code and the contact does indeed pick up on the address from account into which it was merged. I also edited the layout of the merge window and there is no setting to disable this behavior. 

    However, I remembered you could break this link. If you edit the contact before merging, and change their address info in some way the contact is no longer synced. Then when you merge the accounts, the contact still has their own/old address.


  • Shelby Dodge

    We have multiple accounts that have been created using our online service ordering module with different contacts. We are open to merging the accounts to 1 and having multiple contacts. After the accounts are merged, how will this effect the online ordering process when a contact logins in to order services at a later show?

    They currently enter their email address and password to pull up their account. With the merge does that information transfer to the newly merged account? Or, is that link broken when the old account is lost?

  • The contact will be linked to the surviving account.

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