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  • Victoria Roberts



    Is there a way of pulling a report on consent type and when each contact chose this? Rather than going into each exhibitor manually, we want to find a way to pull a monthly report to see who has added a consent i that time. 


    Many thanks


  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Vicki,

    At this time there is not a way to run a monthly report on consent types for exhibitors. However, there are consent given, consent denied and consent not answered fields you can bring over to your exhibitors layout for quick search/advanced search to pull information in this way. This includes additional contacts 1-5, booth contact, main contact and press contact. 

    I hope this helps.



  • Victoria Roberts

    Hi Ryan, 

    Thanks for your response. I can only see how to pull these fields to Account level, not exhibitor level. 


    Is there any way of seeing what date a client chose a consent? This is the important bit as if they expressed an interest in hearing about other events, we may only be able to keep there data for a certain amount of time for this. 


    Many thanks


  • Alex Weidenbenner

    Hi Vicki,

    It sounds like you want a list of all exhibitors that have answered this preference question and the date they answered.  That preference question is stored in a grid of data off of the account.  There is no way to show that data in a grid containing all exhibitors or all contacts.  Basically, you're asking for a grid of data (the preference types grid) inside a different grid of data (the exhibitor grid) and really that is multiple grids since the exhibitor has multiple contacts that all answer preference types separately.  Having said all that, I will talk to the other PM's and see if we can come up with a way to view all answered preference type questions in the same grid along with the contact and company info. 

    For the immediate future, I see two different options for you:
    1. You could leave the questions the way they are and create a custom report that would put that data together for you in the format you want.  This would take time/ money to develop but would give you exactly what you're asking for.  

    2. You can convert those preference types into exhibitor UDF's and ask them the question inside a task of EXP.   That info would be available in the exhibitor grid but it wouldn't have corresponding date info....

    Thank you,

    Alex Weidenbenner

  • Eric Lowe

    Hi Vicki,

    The consent type filters also exist on exhibitors, they were added in 30.95.  Search for "Consent Given" and you will see one for each of the contacts on the exhibitor.  There are also filters for Consent Denied and Consent Not Answered, for each contact.  

    I hope that helps,


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