Account and Contact Import Tips



  • Eileen Durand

    Hello, does someone have a list of all the possible account/contact fields that can be imported?  I have a template but do not think it contains all possible fields.  I also do not have any information on how to import diary entries.  Thanks to anyone who can supply whether it's a client or an UB employee.  Thanks again.

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Eileen,

    When you go to import a list of accounts, once you are in the Column Mapping, you can get the dropdown for all the fields that are available. This also includes your custom communication codes.

    I'd try there - not sure there is a documented list.

  • Wouter Dumon



    Is it possible to import the tax ID here?



  • Carrie Spalding


    We currently don’t support importing a tax Id to an organization, but I've passed this on to Product Management.



  • Tom Meersman

    Can someone explain what is the best way to import multiple contacts that are attached to the same company?

    I have a list of 3000 contacts, and roughly 1000 companies. Average 3 contacts per company.

  • I think i've remembered this correctly...

    Assuming you have a list of contacts with company names-

    • take the company names and dedupe them into a list of companies (excel does this nice and easily)
    • import the companies (use "individual account and orgazation name" option)
    • export the list of companies with the account codes
    • use vlookup on your list of contacts to pull the company account code in
    • import the list of contacts mapping the "account code" column to the company account code (use the "account and contact record" option)

    Fingers crossed!


  • Kelly Potter

    Actually, it's a little more simple than that:

    External Code can be used to link the Account & Contact. Populate a column in your data with a code that is unique to each company. Ensure this code is the same for the Company record and the Contacts of this company.

    When performing Step Four: Process Records - Untick the duplicate checking (you can check for duplicates later).

    This will import both the company record and the contact record at the same time!

    A caveat to this is that the External Code may be used for other purposes. If you have an AR Integration, please check with USI before using this field.

  • Great tip, thanks Kelly

    So just to clarify- if I have a list with say;

    First, Last, External Code, Company
    Bob, Smith, D-123, 123 Company LTD
    Sandra, Jones, D-123, 123 Company LTD

    Then Ungerboeck will;

    • check if an account with external code D-123 exists 
    • (it doesn't) so create account with external code D-123
    • import bob smith and attach him to the account with external code D-123
    • check if an account with external code D-123 exists 
    • (it does) so will skip it
    • import sandra jones and attach her to the account with external code D-123

    I guess you still need to do the deduping and assigning of external codes in Excel (unless you sourced the records from a system which can provide these values) but it does make life a little easier.

  • Tom Meersman

    I can confirm the method Kelly is suggesting works. Be careful though that you use External Account Codes that are non-existent in your database or you'll overwrite existing companies.

  • Bunyemin Alkan


    Is it possible to import affiliations to an excisting contact account? I tried it with the standard account/contact import template with the contact account code + contactname, gone through the proces with success but nothing happend. 



  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Bunyemin,

    Yes, you should be able to import affiliations to an existing individual account (contact). Please reach out to our Client Care team so they can review your import file and recreation steps to see what might be preventing the selected affiliations from being updated to your existing contact(s).



  • Jake Jestings

    Is it possible to import contacts with an email? I want to import these contacts then add all the accounts to a campaign so we can send a mail merge. Is this possible? 

  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Jake,

    Yes, it is possible to import contacts with an email address. When you are creating your import on Step One: Default Import Values window the Import Record As field on Processing Options section should default to Account And Contact Record (C) which is what you want this set to in order for contacts to be imported. On Step Two: Define Column Mappings window this is where you can map the column for your contacts email addresses by selecting E-Mail Address (Mail) Contact in the column label dropdown. Once you have completed Step Five: Process Records and Convert and all records have been imported successfully into Momentus you should then be able to pull these records into a campaign for what you are looking to accomplish with the mail merge.

  • Nina Dennison

    I'm trying to import information for an account, it lists "Bill-to Address" as an option for Import, but when I go to the Account and Edit Layout on the Account side it doesn't give me the same options as the Import feature. So, how do we find the "Bill-to Address" on the Account??



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