Adding a Document to a page in SOP



  • Alex Cartwright

    On a different point, where do the uploaded documents sit? (I have completed the action but cannot find the result, even using Common Functions/Find Document).

  • Alex Cartwright

    I have looked in the Folder of the order, the Folder of the event, etc. I don't know where else it might be....

  • Theresa Gorman

    I have informed Alex that Document Control needs to be enable to upload documents.  Can someone confirm that this is correct?

  • Theresa Gorman

    I am currently looking at document uploading for SOP but I want the upload to be required if specific items are ordered.  I have been looking round the system and note that you can define file upload document classes (Word, Adobe, Excel etc.) against resource items

    and in price lists you have checkboxes against items for 'allow file upload' and 'file upload required'.

    I have configured these and tested in SOP but the buyer is allowed to purchase the item without uploading the file.  Am I misunderstanding the use of these fields?  I anticipated that as I had checked 'File upload required' against the price list item that the buyer would be prompted to upload a file on placing the order had they not done so.

    PS:  The SOP is configured to allow file upload

  • Theresa Gorman

    Where are you looking Alex?  Is the file uploaded against an order item?

  • I think you are right.

    We now have document control which we turned on when we went to V20, from memory this was required by V20.

    When we were in V19 and earlier we did not have document control and were able to upload.

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