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  • Kieron Marshall

    I am trying this now, I have setup a payment schedule with 2 steps. 

    Both are  0 Days After Order Date for due, and 0 days before Issue date. override unchecked.

    The event start was 02/05 and ends 06/06, Today is the 03/06. The customer terms is 0 days (immediate payment)

    The order was created  month ago when we started adding production resources. I am expecting to be able to add to a payment plan now as the client ordered some furniture. and then be able to invoice it, the invoice was generated 03/06 and due would be 03/06, and then post show, run the actual invoice step to pickup any further additions and would be due the date it says that.

    When I try and choose the payment plan it says the due date cannot be less then the current date, please change the due date and try your request again. and will not proceed.

    If I go and change the customer terms to 14days it still shows the same error. How can I achieve it so that I can add a customer payment plan to this order, and then invoice it with a due date of immediate as per the customer terms?


  • Sean Tame


    There is one piece of information you have not included.  The terms on the customer in question.  Because you state that you have unchecked the override customer terms, this means the PP due date is effectively out of play and that the invoice will inherit the due date from the customer at the time of invoice creation.

    But this is not the real issue.  The problem is that you have set the PP steps to calculate according to the Order Date but then you have waited one month before creating the PP.  Typically when setting PP steps to Order Date, the PP is created at the same time you create the order.  By waiting one month, you have made all the dates push back into the past - hence your warnings and hard stop.

  • Kieron Marshall

    HI Sean, the terms are "The customer terms is 0 days (immediate payment)"

    The reason I set them to according to the order date, is that is what this article stipulated.

    The impression I got, and what we are after, and maybe I'm reading this article wrong, is that by doing the above steps, the due date will be set based on the customer terms based on the date the invoice is issued. Ie customer terms is 0 days, the due date is the date the invoice is raised, not to do with the order date.

    The reason we encounter this issue is we have been using Ungerboeck for a year without AR and have no PP on service orders, but now are going to be using financials. As part of a process going forward we could make it when the exhibitor list is imported all Service orders get a payment plan added then.

    Would this still present the same problem and not give the outcome as described above though? Ie we imported the exhibitor list 1 mth ago (usually the case), immediately added the payment plan as described above. but then today they actually order something and we try and invoice it, will the invoice be "due" today? or will it be due 1mth ago as that's when the order was created?

    As I said maybe I'm reading this article wrong, and this doesn't give the due date based on the date an invoice is generated from customer terms regardless of when the order was created?



  • Lauren Curd

    Hi Kieron -

    It is somewhat hard to say where the configuration or order discrepancy lies without reviewing it.  I believe it may be helpful if someone on our side could see your actual setup and the message you are receiving.  If you could please submit a ticket with screenshots that we could follow along with, we can review and reach out with some guidance. 




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