Resource, Account and Event Tax Schemes



  • Kieron Marshall

    I am playing around with Account schemes, and I want to check my logic

    Case: We have our resources and they all attract 10% gst, and 8% Damage Waiver "tax".

    90% of our customers have this when they order a resource, however the remainder don't get charged the damage waiver.

    I was thinking based on reading above, if I create an Account Tax Scheme which just Contains GST 10% when a resource is added to an account with this tax scheme it will only charge the 10% and not charge the Damage waiver as that account only has GST on its tax scheme.

    Is my logic correct? as I am testing it and it doesnt seem to be working that way..


    PS. I had a poke around in the organisation Configuration, and found Parameter AA895 and set to 1 as this is the thing that was missing from the article that was required to be enabled But it still doesn't seem to work the way I'm expecting?

     Is it because the Damage waiver tax is an  "Addons"?? If so is there a reason it can't work with addons?

  • Lauren Curd

    Hi Kieron -

    It is possible to use Account Tax Schemes with Add-ons attached to them. The schemes work together by figuring out where the matches lie.

    So if the resource has a tax scheme of GST plus Damages while the account tax scheme is set to just GST.  Then since there is a match between GST in both schemes, then only GST should be applied.

    Whereas, if the resource is set to GST plus Damages and the Account tax scheme is also set to GST plus Damages, then both taxes will be charged because the schemes have a match at both levels.

    Also, just a reminder that the Account has to be set to be using that scheme within the AR demographics. 

    Does that help?  If not, feel free to send me some screenshots of your configuration and the order you are trying this on, and I would be happy to take a look.




  • Sean Tame


    Perhaps you want to try making the Damage Waiver an 'exemptible' tax this way you can select not to charge it.

    • Exempt – If checked, the tax qualifies as being exempt.  If an order account is marked as Tax Exempt and an order is created for the account that includes the tax, then the tax will not be included on the order.  If the Exempt checkbox is unchecked, then regardless of the exempt status of the order account, the tax will be added to the order.
  • Kieron Marshall


    I have discovered that it was an obvious error on my part. under Tax Configuration the Checkbox account tax schemes was not enabled.

    I didnt see that as requirement in the thread anywhere and as I have never had to look at the tax configuration I didnt think of it until now.


    My next challenge, is I don't wish to Recalc the tax on open orders an account might have, only new ones. i figured this would be parameter AAR905 and setting ALphanumber to Y, but it still when an open order is changed removing the taxes as per the accoutn scheme. Am I missing something obvious again?

    Also when i have it working now, If I have an account with No Tax scheme, but the resource does, what should be happening?

  • Lauren Curd

    Hi Kieron -

    If an order is open and the tax scheme is changed, then by setting that parameter, I would not expect it to recalculate taxes on an open order just sitting out there.  If the order is changed though, I believe it would recalculate due to the order being changed and then re-saved, because then it would pick up on the tax scheme changes as well while saving the changes made on that order.

    I believe if an account does not contain a scheme, but the resource does, then no taxes would be assigned because there would not be an account scheme to match against.





  • Elisabeth Bollmann

    Is there a possibility to select the tax scheme in the event profile? I wanted to assign a new tax scheme for one of the event profiles we now have for our UK subsidiary but am unable to add the field through edit layout.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Elisabeth,

    Unfortunately, the Tax Scheme field is not available on event profiles. If this is something you'd like to see added, please make a post here and I'll make sure it gets routed to the correct Product Manager for consideration in a future release. 



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