Publish v20 Registration on an External Webserver



  • Quentin Stoodley


    Under this model how do you prevent the external version of the V20 setup from showing the application login? Otherwise, if you can configure it on the firewall, what's the difference between the above and just exposing your V20 server to the internet directly?


  • Jason Allen

    Good question Quentin, I'd like to see the answer to that too.

  • Sean Tame

    Was there ever an answer to this question?

  • Quentin Stoodley

    This was the response I received from support.

    When setting an environment to use public facing v20 the authentication method used can be set for Active Directory, this will ensure that if any user trying to login does not have an AD account with RNA then the system will not allow them to login (even after modifying the URL to access the login page).

    Active Directory authentication is more secure than straight SQL user authentication.

  • Jason Allen

    Having a full v20 web server exposed publicly is just asking for trouble/hacking!! Does Ungerboeck independently validate and certify that v20 has been intrusion audited for every version and service release?
    We need a "light" installation of v20 that only exposes publicly accessible runtime, with functionality that you turn on and off.

  • Carrie Spalding

    Jason, I don't have a lot of details, but I was told that this is currently being addressed.  When I have more information I will be happy to update this post/the Knowledge Base.

    Thank you,


  • Tom Meersman

    Any updates on this so far? I'm going with Jason here, I have my doubts about seurity.
    Can we get an overview how this setup is secured?

  • Carrie Spalding

    Ungerboeck Software v20 is considered a single application with 2 “modes” – Backoffice & Public-Facing.  For installations of Ungerboeck on public-facing web servers, we encourage the use of a setting in the v20 configuration that will turn the v20 installation into a ‘Public-only’ website.  This will block traffic to the backoffice endpoints of v20 and expose only those endpoints needed to enable the public-facing applications such as Registration.

    If you would like to configure this setting for one of your public facing sites, open the v20 Configuration tool (UngerboeckWebConfiguration.exe), go to the Application Settings tab, and find the section called “Websites”.  In that section, you will find a checkbox labeled ‘Only Allow Access to Public Apps’.  Check that checkbox and you will see the site cease to be able to run v20 backoffice.

    In addition to being PA-DSS compliant, Ungerboeck Software also scans each major version and service release within that version with a website vulnerability tool called Acunetix. 

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Carrie,

    Can the above be turned into a KB article?  (v20 Public Facing Installation)  I just spent a huge amount of time looking for this and found no mention of it in any install or tech documents.  My apologies if it is already there.

  • Carrie Spalding

    Sean, I'll see what I can do!  I'm sending this to the right Product Management team to collaborate and get everything out there that needs to be.  



  • Sean Tame

    Hi there - still looking for a concise 'v20 public facing installation' guide.


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