• Rebecca Green

    Thanks Matt.  I set up a Customer Opportunity Web Form and also a v20 Registration in our Development environment.  Both of these worked correctly with completion of the reCaptcha being required before being able to submit the form.  The v20 Registration reCaptcha completion requirement error message was very clear, but the COWF error was blank.  It would be great if the same messaging was used on all web forms that allow reCaptcha to be enabled.  I will submit a ticket for the ESC reCaptcha issue.  

  • Rebecca Green

    Can someone confirm the expected behavior of the new ESC reCaptcha in 20.94L?  Should it be possible to not complete the reCaptcha and still submit the order for payment?  I was expecting it to work similar to the terms and conditions where the user would need to respond before the submit button was enabled.  However, I am not particularly familiar with reCaptcha so perhaps the fact that it is optional is expected?  Thank you for providing clarification regarding how this should be working.

  • Matt Tapley

    Hi Rebecca,

    If you have reCaptcha configured and are able to submit an order without having to check the box, then you will need to submit a ticket and we can have Development correct the issue. I tested this recently and it was working correctly, so if it is broken now, we will want to get it fixed as quickly as possible.



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