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  • Maggie U.

    Hi Tripp Zhang,

    You must be spying on me! I have been working on this article and am hoping to have it published this week. I'll post a comment when it's completed.



  • Tripp Zhang

    Dear Center,

    Now we enter into the 30.96 version, I found import section is no longer in V19 mode, is difficult for us to adjust to the new importing page in 30.96. Maybe this article already needs to update?

  • Carrie Spalding


    Sorry, the earlier answer was the answer to a different question (what does v20 check over on Add Account/Contact). The Configure Duplicate Checking rules are used to identify duplicates in the import process.


  • Sam Wilson

    Hi R.C.,

    Within v20, Event CRM is a subject that is used to organize the Main Menu. Try searching by "import" instead. Depending on the modules that you have licensed, you will see one or more links to Import Accounts and Contacts (v19). Provided that you want to create event sales accounts, you would then choose the link that is showing under the subject of Event CRM. The screenshot below may make these instructions a bit clearer.

    Currently, this utility still requires bridging to v19.



  • Andrew Johnson

    HI Carrie,

    Great Article, unfortunately when I follow the instructions outlined rather than having UDF listed next to the name of the created UDF I have (issue). When the import is completed it does not import the information into the created UDF.

    See screenshot above. Any suggestions?



  • Andrew Johnson

    Is there a way to import a UDF as part of the import process? I have tried this in our test system but this has not come through correctly.

    I selected the UDF under the Assign Column step as above but it had a (issue) next to the UDF name and didn't import with this info once completed.

  • Carrie Spalding

    Hi Andrew!  Sorry this didn't work for you.  As this might be more complicated than what we can easily solve in a Knowledge Base comment, I've talked to our consulting team and they requested you reach out to Cammie Dillick and schedule a call to get your problem resolved.  I'm sorry I couldn't get you sorted out here!


  • Sean Tame

    Thanks for answering Kaitlyn.

    Where do the settings under 'Configure Duplicate Checking' get used?  I think this part of the system needs to be explained in a lot more detail.

  • Eileen Durand

    Hi - I have a question about the duplicates - it says "if the account is a duplicate, click update to update the existing account with the new data".  But what if the existing account has some useful information in it that the new record doesn't, such as a zip code in the old account?  will the old account lose the zip code that was in there or will it override all fields that are on the file?  For instance we might be just adding a new contact to that account but weren't aware it existed it previously and therefore don't want to override but don't want to have it be created as a new account.  It would be good if we could merge fields from both? Thanks.

  • Eileen Durand

    Hello, based on this item below:

    "If Duplicate Checking is performed, the system will search for duplicates comparing the existing accounts in Ungerboeck and the accounts you want to import"

    Can someone please advise HOW the system searches for duplicates?  By what criteria?  Thank you.

  • Carrie Spalding

    Eileen, at this time that's how the duplicate merging works - all of the information is replaced.  If you'd like to see an option to pick and choose what information is merged, please submit an enhancement request.

    Thank you!


  • Thanks Sam, look forward to it. Had already seen James' post (he works with me)

  • The Import feature can also be used to update accounts/contacts. Is there an article with details of how this works? (I know there are some slightly different requirements; having the account code column in the import file for example).

  • Is there any intention to improve the duplicate checking to occur before importing the duplicate? Rather than importing it then merging it?

  • Kaitlyn Batliner

    Hello Eileen,

    When adding new organization accounts, email + name and class are being checked.

    When adding new individual accounts, first name + last name + postal code + company name and class + email are being checked.

    Have a great day!

    Kaitlyn Skubic

    Ungerboeck Quality Analyst

  • R.C. Chancy

    I don't have Event CRM on my Main Menu.  Is there another article for this subject?  I believe I have to do it in v19.

  • Amy E. Baggott

    I'm trying to import contacts, but in the column mapping I only see the Organization user fields, not the Individual user fields.   How do I tell the import that I'm importing individual records, not organizations?


  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Amy,

    Can you confirm what the Import Record As field on your step 1 Define Import Default Values window is set to?  If it is set to Individual Account and Organization Name (A) the column mappings will pull in organization fields.  If it is set to Account and Contact Record (C) it should be pulling in individual user fields.

  • Sam Wilson

    Hi Lee,

    We do not currently have a comprehensive article on updating accounts or contacts by using Imports functionality. However, it was the topic of an Ungerboeck Community Help discussion recently. You may find that content useful so I am including the URL below.


    At present, the Imports utility remains exclusively a v19 feature. The time horizon for its v20 update is probably around 24 months.

    There are enhancements the developers would like to include in the new version. While there is no guarantee of what will make it into the final release, some potential enhancements include additional matching rules and the ability to choose on a field-by-field basis what to keep from each record.



  • Is this feature currently only available in v19? Do we have an idea of when to expect it in v20?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Tripp Zhang!

    This article has been updated to use the v30 steps. Thanks for your patience!


  • Carrie Spalding

    Andrew, great question!

    The answer was long enough that we created an article for it, which you can find here:  https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013055808


    Please let me know if you have any other questions!


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