Searching on Screens Does Not Return Results



  • Jeremy Seuring

    This fixed issues my group was having using Search in v20.

  • Daniel Dickenson



    I have tried the above fix however it, unfortunately, did not resolve my issue. 


    I am using the "Search For" feature on the "Accounts" page on Ungerboeck v20. I have 2 accounts ("Out There Events" & "Make Events") and when users search for either of these accounts they are not showing for partial matches and when the full account name is typed into the search bar then over 500 results are returned however the accounts are displayed within these 500+ results. 


    If the user types "Out" or "Make" then a significantly shorter, and more manageable, list is generated however none of the mentioned accounts are displayed within these lists. 


    I was wondering if anyone knew I reason why this would be the case and if there is any solution? 


    Please note, I have tried this fix within our LIVE/ Production environment and again within our TEST environment with no success (despite both versions being on different service releases/ hotfixes). 


    Thanks in advance for any information provided! 

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Daniel,

    Sorry to hear the Search isn't working as expected for you.  Sounds like something unusual is happening here.  Could you submit a ticket to our Client Care Team and they can work with you in more detail?


  • Gavin Gilmartin

    I am not finding certain accounts on the edit event window using the account field. How do we perform the above on v30?

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