Useful Registration Tables for Reporting



  • Sean Tame

    I am trying to use the Registration Order Items grid for some sales analysis.  I need to report by Salesperson.  There is no Salesperson as such but I am hoping to use the Account Rep instead.

    The Order Account Rep defaults to the Account's Rep (which is fine) and can be manually updated on the order itself.

    The issue is that the Order Account Rep column is not available on the Registration Order Items grid.  Only the Account Rep is available.


    I add an Order for Company ABC.  The Account Rep on that company is Mary.  I then update the Order Account Rep to be John.  When I look at the Order Items grid, I can only display Mary against the items and not John.

    Please update to allow the Order Rep as a display column on the Items grid.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Sean,

    I passed this on to our Registration Product Managers. I understand where you are coming from - I run into the same problem when I'm doing reporting from this screen as well. 


  • Sean Tame

    Thanks Maggie,

    Seems like a simple omission to rectify.  Appreciate you passing it on.

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