Find the Window ID(s) of an iEBMS Web Page



  • Michael Noyce


    Were experimenting with iEBMS right now and I'm trying to find an easier way of finding what entries I need to change in the dictionary.

    I have tried putting &info=y at the end of the URL but it doesn't come up with the window ID.

    Is this feature still enabled or do I have to enable anything else?



  • Stephan Froden

    Hi Michael, thank you for your comment.

    As far as I am aware, this feature works on all iEBMS pages.  Please note that iEBMS is a feature of Ungerboeck Software v19.

    Which version of Ungerboeck Software are you using?

    Which page/s are you trying to get the trying to change the dictionary for?

  • Michael Noyce

    I'm sure I've seen it on more pages but the one that it wasn't working on was the payment screen, reg/reg_p2_payment.

    I'm trying this on v19.6G


  • Stephan Froden

    Hi Michael, I have just tested this with v19.60GW35 for reg_p2_payment, and can confirm that you are correct - this iEBMS page is not showing the extra information as expected.

    I will let our developers know about this.  If you find any other pages where this is also the case, please let our Client Care team know.

    For reg_p2_payment, the Window ID is IN0709.

  • Mike Schepker

    Hey Michael,

    The &info=y or &info=w parameters will not work on any payment page. We have never enabled these parameters on these pages.

  • R.C. Chancy

    On the Calendar of Events, I can't get the browser address bar to display, and cannot determine the window ID on any page.

  • Stephan Froden

    Hi RC, as an Ungerboeck Hosted client, when you click on the Calendar Of Events link within your COE configuration a browser window will open up, however you may not see the address bar or any buttons at the top of the screen.

    To see the address bar, you can perform the following:
    - Click the little 'Copy Shortcut' icon that is to the right of the COE link. This will copy the link address to your clipboard.
    - Return to your PC, and open your Web Browser of choice. As this is the browser running on your computer, you should see the address bar and buttons that normally show up.
    - Paste the address from your clipboard, and append the '&info=y' or '&info=w' as needed, and press enter.

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