iEBMS VA Calendar Display



  • Sean Tame

    Is there any way to display the images/documents from the Space Folder on the va_p4_space_details.aspx page? I'd love to publish the floorplan and perhaps some hero images of the space on this page.

  • Polina Zhitomirsky

    Can I display the calendar without the structure template that's applied to the VA?

  • Chris Laffey

    The calendar page, VA_P5 can have a structure specifically applied to it by utilising a page presentation structure. Once a structure is applied as a page presentation it will override the default VA structure.

    It isn't possible to publish documents from the space folder to the VA space details page as standard functionality. I believe it may be possible to achieve through a custom service and Javascript but further investigation would be required. This would then fall within the technical services department to achieve unless it was submitted as a core product enhancement.

  • Michelle Herson

    How exactly do you create a link for the iEBMS VA calendar? I am not sure how to do this: "This page can also be directly referenced as a URL with the associated configuration and organization codes assigned."

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Michelle,
    Try something like:

  • Alex Cartwright

    Just need to insert some underscores:

  • Sean Tame

    Aaarrgghh - Looks like Zendesk turns underscores into italics. Not very helpful in a technical environment. USI - can you see if this can be corrected?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Sean,

    I will report this to ZenDesk. Thanks for letting us know.


  • Sean Tame

    Are there any controls around the display of the tooltip?  I would like to display a couple of extra event fields.  Is this possible?

  • Mark Fingerhut

    Sean - there is no configuration associated with the details that appear in the tooltip on the calendar page of VA. Thanks.

    Mark F

  • Sean Tame

    Thanks for the reply Mark,

    Do we know what the future holds for VA?  Will there be a public facing v20 version anytime soon?

    If so, can we please have the ability to assign a configuration to the public display and tooltip as we can in Back Office?


  • Timothy Dickson

    We have an outer-facing VA that uses the Space Hierarchy.  Although, I've noticed that the Expand/Collapse buttons do not work.  I have tried in IE, Chrome and Edge.  I haven't tried in Firefox.  

    Any adivce?

  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Tim - we likely need a bit more detail on what you are seeing on the web. If you do see the expand/collapse buttons online, they should function properly. You may want to enter a ticket, or provide a screen shot here. Thanks.

    Mark F

  • Mike Johnson

    Sean - VA will be moved/updated but I don't have an exact release for you.

    What extra fields are you looking for and who is the intended audience in this case (customers or internal staff)?

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the update.  In this case it is for Internal Use and we wanted to add the Coordinator and Sales Person.

  • Timothy Dickson

    Hello Mark!  Yes, the buttons appear, but they do not collapse the hierarchies.

  • Mark Fingerhut

    Thank you for the screen shot, Tim. If the expand/collapse buttons are not working, that looks like it's a bug. They should be functional. I recommend submitting a ticket so we can review. Thanks.

    Mark F

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