Invoice Document Headings and Subheadings



  • Hi There, Can anyone help with removing old invoice document headings? The instructions above are helpful with being able to add new headers, but how do we remove old ones? 

    Thanks heaps! 

  • Hi Everyone, 

    Confirming Sean's comment I did jump into our Financial Template Folder and unfortunately I was unable to locate the invoice headings. 

  • Hi Alex- thanks for the reply. I have taken a look at all the v19 template document headers as per the article you shared. Unfortunately it appears none of them have the headings for invoices listed in them. 

  • Alex Weidenbenner

    Does this help at all?  That article says you should be able to edit and delete from the V19 template folders window.  

  • Mike Johnson

    There are two types of document headings - Global and Unique.

    To modify Global document headings, you go to the appropriate template documents page and modify them from there.  Global headings for Invoices are managed from the Financial Template Documents page.  I believe this folder is only available if you have the General Account and Analysis module.

    Modifying/managing unique document headings is a little more difficult.  You would need to find all the documents that are attached to this heading and modify each one individually (the Find Documents page is your best bet).  When the last document using a unique heading is updated, the old one is deleted.  We are exploring a better approach to managing unique document headings, but no time frame is available currently.

  • Mike Johnson

    We have made some changes to how document headings are handled for invoice documents.  The global/shared document headings defined under Financial Template Documents are now available for selection.  We will continue to evaluate if other global/shared headings should be added in the future.  These changes will be available in 20.94 Service Release F and 20.93 Service Release J.

  • Tabitha Chase

    Hi Mike,

    On your comment above regarding Global and Unique headings, can you verify the Unique headings will just delete themselves?  I've confirmed multiple headings on our end aren't being used, but are still visible.  Thanks!

  • Alex Weidenbenner

    It appears that invoice headings can not be edited or deleted currently.  Product management is discussing the possibility of combining invoice headings and other document headings.  I am not sure if/ when this will be available. 

    Edit: see Mike J's response below.  

  • Mike Johnson

    I stand corrected.  It looks like invoice documents do not pull any global headings and only utilize unique/adhoc headings/subheadings.  We will need to think through if any of the existing global heading subjects make sense to use.

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Mike,

    Can you please double check that Invoice Document Headings are based off the Financial Template Documents?  My research and the response above seems to suggest otherwise.


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