Does Enterprise Come with a BEO Report?



  • Andie Hess

    I have selected all on note sensitivity and when I pull the report it does not pull the notes on to the Event order(BEO).  I have one event that it worked on and all the others are not showing the notes and I have used all the same information.  The notes are being placed in the functions section (like catering menu or special request.  Can you please help?   Thanks Andie

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Andie,

    Is the report not showing any notes or are they not showing in the area of the report you expect them to be in? 

    If they are not showing at all, check to make sure that the language on the event account matches the language on the note.  If the note and the event account language are not the same, then the note will not display.

    If they are showing in the wrong area, make sure the notes have been added to the right area.  The function notes will display under the function and order item notes will display under the order items on the report.


  • Andie Hess


    Language is the same and notes are still not showing up at all.   I tried to compare it to another event that has notes and everything was done the same.   What else could cause the note from not appearing?  I have tried with several different events and still not able to see the notes.   Could this be something on the admin side of Ungerboeck? 


  • Alex Hanson

    Hi Andie, I would suggest contacting our Client Care team so they can look at the specific events in question and help you determine why the notes are not appearing on the report for those events.

  • Virna Putri

    Hi all

    I wonder if Ungerboeck has report for Banquet Change Log. So it will only display the SO / WO that were modified (eg. 1st SO for 120pax, then revised to 150pax) instead of displaying the whole information all over again because one or two changes in the event.

    Kindly advise.

    Thank you.

  • Jake Griesenauer

    Hello Virna,

    We do not have a standard report for showing changes to the banquet orders, but I believe that clients have developed various custom reports in the past targeting the audit log. I would recommend reaching to your account manager and our Solutions team for assistance in developing a custom report.

    For the future, the product team is researching how we can visualize order changes in our standard solution.


    Jake Griesenauer
    Product Managers - Orders & Operations

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