Export a Report



  • Lori Lee

    How do we export a standard report that doesn't have the EXPORT TO option? For example, the Registrant Confirmation report has parameters to only send to the printer or email. I don't see an Export To in either of those options. 


  • Emily Crank


    For reports like that, as long as you are printing only a single report, select To Printer.  This will bring up the standard preview window before it is sent to the printer.  You can choose Export To from there.

  • Kris Corrigan

    When exporting a report to word, the formatting of the report all goes from how it is displayed on EBMS or if this report is exported to PDF.


    How can I fix this for the report to be exported to word as it is to PDF.

  • Emily Crank


    Crystal Reports handles exports to Word and Excel differently depending on how the original report was designed.  Usually, when we build a report, we have the final product in mind.  If the report will be exported to Word, we test the report by exporting to Word, with the knowledge that it may not look good if it's displayed straight out of Ungerboeck or exported to PDF.

    For Word exports, the important thing to remember is that each item on the page will be treated as a new block of text by Word.  Try to keep your data in paragraph form by adding fields to text boxes instead of dropping the field straight onto the page.  To get the formatting perfect requires a good deal of trial and error.

  • Christophe Incoul

    Hi all,

    When exporting a report in pdf (ie : an invoice) it's possible to configure/add to the filename the Invoice number ? Because for the moment, the default name given to the pdf si the name of the report.



  • Emily Crank

    Christophe -

    There is no way to do this by default, other than adding it when naming the report.  It is, however, a great idea.  I'll pass it on to our product managers!

  • Steven Cripps

    How do I export the Proforma Service Order Invoice in the hosted environment?  We are a V20 customer.  I can export it and edit it locally in Crystal, but it then resides locally and I have no way to load it back into USI for use.  I cannot edit it using your Citrix implementation of Crystal because Citrix does not see my local workstation. 


  • Hi Steven, why can't you load it back into USI from your local machine?

  • Americas Ungerboeck Solutions

    Hi Steven-

    Citrix should be able to see your local drives.  If you are unable to access your local drives from Citrix, please enter a ticket with Client Care.

    However, when importing the report into v20, you just need to select the file you are using.  The files shown when you click browse in v20 are the files on your local machine.  There is no need to get it into the Citrix environment unless you need to run it in v19.

  • Steven Cripps

    Thanks, I found that I can see the local drive, some folders are missing.  When I place the crystal report in a folder that crystal can see, it cannot see the .rpt file in it.  Very perplexing.

  • Kimberly Yuste

    If there is something wrong with these buttons, where should I start by troubleshooting?

    Something wrong means, there is an issue when generating the report.

    Thank you!


  • Mike Schepker

    Hi Kimberly,

    I would start troubleshooting with a standard report first. This may be something you will need to contact Client Care to help resolve.



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