Assign Multiple Exhibitors to One Booth



  • Eric Lowe

    There are 3 different types of exhibitors that can be placed in one booth:  Waitlist Exhibitors (main exhibitor in line for booth if current main is released), Co-Exhibitors (sharing booth with main exhibitor without charge), or Multiple Main Exhibitors (where multiple main exhibitors can be on the same booth and share charges, although behind the scenes there is still a primary main exhibitor).  These settings are setup in Exhibition Setup from the event. 

    Once you determine how you want multiple exhibitors in a booth, now we can add them in v20 from the Exhibitor (which was heavily enhanced in 20.7), which is the recommended method.  Another recommended method is to assign exhibitors to booths from the floor plan using the 'CAD Exhibitors List' window, which is opened from CAD.  From there you can select exhibitors (with or without orders) and assign them to booths with a simple right click action. 

    Depending on your settings in Exhibition Setup, you will now have multiple exhibitors in one booth. 

  • Eileen Durand

    Found you need to "Add from List" to have it work - if anyone else encounters this.


  • Eileen Durand

    Eric, if you make people multiple main exhibitors on one booth, is there a way to still see (and display somewhere) who the primary main exhibitor is behind the scenes as you describe above?  Thank you.

  • Eric Lowe

    Hi Eileen, yes on the 'booths' tab on events (also functions).  Display the 'banner name' field and it will only display the primary main exhibitor.  Also the floor plan will only display the primary main exhibitor banner name on the booth. 

  • Sean Tame

    Can we (easily) do the inverse of this?  Assign Multiple Booths to one Order?

    When selecting to Add From List, we can only select one Booth at a time.  If we want to assign multiple Booths to the order, we are forced to

    1. Click the Add drop-down
    2. Click Add From List
    3. Select a single Booth
    4. Click Select
    5. Repeat steps 1-4.

    Is there a way to select more than one entry in step 3?

  • Alex Weidenbenner


    You can easily assign multiple booths to a single exhibitor record (both in back office and in the floor plan tool).  The service order will inherit the booth(s) from the exhibitor.

    Assigning booths to orders was the V19 way of doing things, in v20/ v30 you'll want to use the exhibitor record.

    Having said all of that, the recommended process is to have a single booth per exhibitor record( and they would have multiple exhibitor records in the case of many booths) so that you can easily separate which order items need to be delivered to which booths.  if that is not a concern, then an exhibitor can have as many booths on a single record as they want.

    Hope this helps!


  • Sean Tame

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for responding.  Not entirely. 

    This has nothing to do with Exhibitors.  We are dealing purely with 'Assigning' Service Orders to Booths.  Is there a reason there are two different controls for the same action?

    Via the Service Order, we have an Add Booths hyperlink then we have to select Add From List.
    Via the Exhibitor, (which in our workflow is completely redundant) it is a Multi-select Dropdown.

    We would be looking for either of the below changes. (in order of preference)
    1) Change the Add Booth action on the Service Order to match the one on the Exhibitors allowing multiple selections.
    2) Make the Add From List option able to accept multiple selections

  • Eric Lowe

    Hi Sean,

    The order v20 window was a rewrite of order v19, which had the same options:  to add by typing in a number (available when not using a floor plan), to add from a list, or to add from the floor plan.

    The exhibitor v20 window was a redesign of how to make booth assignments, which is why that control is much better than the one on orders.  It is a custom control, which is why the order window doesn't get it for "free".  All customers (venues and exhibitions) should be using the exhibitor to make booth assignments.  It has lots of benefits:  easier to make the booth assignments, holds all orders for that exhibitor for the event and booth, and you only have to make the booth assignment once (after you make the assignment, all other service orders you create for that account/event/booth will automatically make the booth assignment. 

    I understand that is a shift in processing, but it will provide a better experience once users adopt it. 

  • Shelby Dodge

    We recently upgraded to 20.94E and the capability to change the banner name from the "edit booth" screen has been taken away.  This greatly decreases functionality for our service desk team.  It says to use the Company Banner Name within the exhibitor list but again, greatly reduces the functionality for our service desk that operates from the general service orders listing. 

    Can anyone explain or advise a quick way around this or if this is a permission issue, or why this ability was taken away with the upgrade?

  • Eric Lowe

    Hi Shelby, 

    That is correct, we are migrating all exhibitor functionality off the order and moving it to the exhibitor.  This lowers unnecessary complexity, since we had the banner name in 3 places (booth/order/exhibitor) and had to sync them up, which was prone to error.  As users migrate from v19 to v20/v30, they should use the exhibitor as a starting point, as there are several advantages that didn't exist in v19.  For those who still want to work from the order, then use the exhibitor field on the order to quickly get to the exhibitor, using the peek on the exhibitor field.  The peek gives you a one-click access to the edit window.  It is the same number of clicks as before, since you had to open the edit assignment window from the edit order window.  Now you open the edit exhibitor window from the edit order window.  Then with Edit Layout functionality, you can make sure your desired fields are easy to view and access.  

    Kind regards,


  • Shelby Dodge

    The link from the exhibitor field did it.  Thank you all!

  • Gallo THIAM

    Hi everybody, maybe i do things wrong but here is my issue:

    when adding a co-exibitor to a main one which got himself a booth assigned, the orders I place for the co-exhibithor suddently change to booth order when switching the co-exhibitor status.

    Maybe it's linked with our set up of links between exhibitor statut and order status.

    While looking for understanding of all this, i found out that a co-exhibitor should not have a booth order. So what is wrong with my process.

    I'm runnin v30.94F


    Thank you for your comments/help.

  • Eric Lowe

    Hi Gallo, you are correct that a co-exhibitor should never have a booth order.  I tested this process out in the latest .94 patch and it always works correctly for me.  I do not know your exact process, but here are 2 workflows I tried:


    1. add main exhibitor with booth order with booth assignment

    2. add co-exhibitor record from main exhibitor record

    3. add service order to co-exhibitor

    4. change exhibitor status and order status

    5. all saves correctly, main and co is linked correctly from exhibitor level, and all orders look correct for both


    1. add main exhibitor with booth order with booth assignment

    2. add another main exhibitor (this will become a co) and add a service order 

    3. change the exhibitor type from Main to Co, select appropriate main, and save

    4. change exhibitor status and order status

    5. all saves correctly, main and co is linked correctly from exhibitor level, and all orders look correct for both

    Is your process the same as one above?




  • Gallo THIAM

    Hello Eric,

    thank you for your feedback.

    We are using the two processes you described above. But still, we facing the issue.

    We will proceed a test campain with the latest patch level and keep you posted.


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