Non-Billable Service Order Items



  • Joey Lynn Pinaglia

    The problem is I need the money to show on the ordered item but not the actual.  For our records with cancellations we need to show was we were expecting in revenue vs. what we got.  Also, am I doing something wrong, in v19 when I opened a completed work order all the items automatically opened as well, now I have to open each item even after I opened the work order.  

  • Sean Tame

    Ah, then I suppose you need to Cancel the item, not Actual(ise) it.

    On the Actuals tab (assuming it has not been invoiced) you should be able to Remove the Actual.  Then you can Cancel the item OR close it with zero qty actual.

    You can easily report on the value of cancelled items to see the lost opportunity.

  • Sean Tame

    I'm going to guess it's because this is an Actual item.  You'd need to remove the Actual and mark the Ordered Item as non Billable.

  • Joey Lynn Pinaglia

    Why is my billable box grayed out? 

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