Commission Orders



  • Mark Fingerhut

    Andrew - there currently is not a way for the Commission Order to be automatically updated when an associated Service Order changes. The option would be to manually update the Commission Order, or to remove the Commission Order and re-add it applied to the update Service Orders.

    To me, your request to auto-update the Commission Order based on Service Order changes makes sense as a good enhancement request.

  • David Moore

    Just updating the response to Harkamal Kaile's comment above, as I noticed this post when testing v30 Commission Orders.

    On the Resources for Commission Order Items you want to update the "Per" Units to "-1" so that the positive/negative sign on the Extended Charge is reversed automatically.

  • Maggie U.

    @H Kaile - You'll want to make the units in the order a negative value so the commission order generates a negative total to represent the money going out.

    @Kieron - You can add a commission order from the Service Order Items screen.  You can select just the items for the commission order and then select Add Commission Order.  The commission order will then just be created only for the orders you selected.


  • Kieron Marshall

    Can a commission order only give commission on certain resources? ie we have a service order with multiple items, electrical, shell furniture, but we only pay a commission on electrical items

  • Andrew Blanda

    How can I get the Commission Order to recalculate if there is a change in my Service order(s) and the value increases or decreases?

  • Permanently deleted user

    As it is mentioned commission order are can be used to track and manage commission given out. When we create commission order it gets generated in positive amount whereas the amount has to be given out. And after allocating to payment plan, an invoice will be created which means that money is coming in  not going out.

    Am I missing something or following the wrong process?


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