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  • Caroline Grzesniak

    Hi there, is it possible to add the same column twice? We are already using the "User Text" column, but would like to add another one of the same?


    Thank you.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Caroline,

    Showing the same information twice as a column on a screen isn't possible but depending on where you want to capture and view additional information, it may be possible to create a user defined field.  Check out the Configuring Custom Fields/User Defined Fields (UDFs) article to see if this may work for what you need.



  • Caroline, I'm not 100% following what you are trying to achieve, but you can create custom fields (of type formula) which can be used to duplicate other fields.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Is it possilbe to lock/freeze columns, as you can do in Excel? We have a wide view in Events, would be a great opportunity. 

  • Sam Wilson

    This is not currently possible within Ungerboeck. Consider adding it to the Community as a potential enhancement request.



  • Don Leddy

    Good day,

    Is it possible to lock a column width?

  • Sam Wilson

    Hi Don,

    Locking a column width is not currently supported. 



  • Nina Dennison

    I want to add a Column that we can add Details without having a pop-out box. Is it possible to add a UDF that allows us to Edit a field of information on the screen instead of it opening another box of information??  Example, I see the "Location" & Description fields have this capability but the "Notes" pops up a separate box for us to add information. This is cumbersome when I have a few short details to add to each line. 


  • Mike Johnson

    Nina - Can you provide more detail on your request?  What area of the software are you referring to?  If I'm following you, it sounds like you are wanting to enter a note in the grid on a certain record but I would like to confirm that.

  • Nina Dennison

    Hi Mike, The example below, the Description column is Editable, but the other column options are not. I've tried Alternate Description 2 (no column appears) and Details column but it pops open a screen like Notes. We're trying to just write details on the same screen. We need 2 more columns like the Description column to write on for our agenda. 


  • Sam Wilson

    Hi Nina,

    Functions have a standard field labeled User Text that will allow text entry from the Functions grid. The field can be relabeled according to your preference by modifying the dictionary phrase. However, this is only a single field. 

    The Alternate Description fields weren't designed for this purpose, but you could certainly try them out to see if they meet your needs. It sounds like they may need to be enabled in your database. These are controlled by organization parameter Allow Alternate Desc Usage (AA 010).

    If the combination of User Text and Alternate Description fields doesn't quite meet your needs, please consider submitting an enhancement request.



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