Assign User Defined Fields (UDFs) to Service Orders



  • Pam Schaffer

    We use UDFs on our service orders and really appreciate being able to collect key information. It would be even better if we could see this extra information on the work order or when viewing the work order grid as most of the information collected is needed for installation of services.

  • Kieron Marshall

    When will we be able to move around the Service Order UDF's like we can on events and accounts?

  • Ken Treadway


    Thank you for your question.  The difference in the ability to Edit the Layout to move these fields around in Service Orders is based upon the way Opportunity or Issue Type is assigned.  For accounts and events, these are handled through an organization parameter, and are in a sense fixed for all accounts in that designation or events in that organization. Service Order (and Function) UDF's are assigned at the event level, so the Edit Layout window would need to be data-dependent so as not to show every UDF label on every custom field set assigned to Service Orders in the system.  The Software Engineering team is aware of this need, but it is not currently on a development roadmap.

  • Kieron Marshall

    Thanks Ken, In our business case we only have a single UDF used for service orders hence the question. perhaps by linking UDF's to event "type", or more appropriately the Order category(which is already allows a unique layout) would be a way in the future to help reduce the issue you described above and help functionality come in the future?

    Based on the limitations of your explanation above which I understand, Surely it should be possible at the very least to be able to use the edit layout to layout the UDF's in a nicer fashion within the "UDF" tab?  

    As it is extremely inflexible with them being auto generated the way they are now, It would at least bring it a bit closer to being more user friendly.

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Ken,

    Is there an equivalent to the MS | MS32 Membership Order Issue Type parameter for Service Orders?  

    I had to get this parameter from support as my DB did not have it even though I have 'updated' the parameters.  

    (Can we ensure that USIORGPM.XML contains all available parameters?)

  • Pam Schaffer

    I agree with Kieron that linking the UDF to event type would be very helpful. Additionally it would be helpful if this linking process could be set up so the event with the assigned type would automatically link the associated SO UDF.  To Sean's point it would also be valuable to have a SO UDF Org Parm to automatically set the SO UDF for event types that are not assigned, having the option of 'None' or a standard SO UDF by default.


  • Ken Treadway

    Thank you all for your suggestions. We have discussed this with our Product Management teams and there are many ways to modify the way service order UDFs are handled at a level higher than events. When the Product team is ready to address this, we will create a forum,to gather more input on the topic.

    Thank you for your effective usage of the Support Center. This is exactly what we envisioned to advance conversations in practical areas.

  • Hi Ken, has any further discussion taken place on this topic?

    We are probably going to log a bug as the "Order User Defined Fields" drop down doesn't seem to be working.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Lee,

    Ken is out of the office right now but after talking with Product Management, there hasn't been additional discussion on this topic.


  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Lee

    Found the same with the dropdown in v20, but used the old v19 Org Parms to set this - need to look for EM300 (we required the update parameters to pull this one down!).

    We're still having challenges having the UDF section appear on the SO Window - working on this now!



  • Thanks Jerry

  • Kieron Marshall

    Is there any word on being able to place UDF's? or is this just something that will never happen?

  • Jake Griesenauer

    Hey Kieron,

    The ability to place UDFs is on the backlog, but not currently on the immediate roadmap.

    Jake Griesenauer
    Product Manager - Venue Operations

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