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  • Becky Slembarski

    I am trying to add users/roles, but when I click on the Add button, there is no option to add anyone. It opens the Add User/Role window, but there are not any action I can take from there other than save and close. Thoughts?

  • Dave Segasture


    I have seen that before. The problem is, the Layout of the Screen is missing your Field. Someone there with Admin Privileges who can Edit Layouts can fix this in a second. Goto the Screen, select Edit Layout and drag the field from the Options side into the Layout for that Tab. Save the change and you'll be fixed.

  • Concepcion, Jose

    Can an email address be set up on behalf of a department such as collections or billing?  We have  general email addresses we use for collection notices and one for our customers who receive their invoices by email with our other systems.  We would like to try to set up something similar with EBMS.  Thanks

  • Carrie Spalding


    Any email address can be used as the From email address within the system.  You can follow the steps in the above article to allow users to change the From email address to be from the department email rather than their individual email.


  • Rebecca Green

    Is there additional configuration steps or setting considerations that are not covered in the instructions above?  Does this work for all the send email process options?  I am trying to configured a shared email address for a shared email configured in exchange.  We use the Outlook send email process.  The comment above mentions needed a user account associated with the shared email addresses.  Is that correct?  There is no mention of this in the instructions and I do not see the ability to link the shared email address to a user account - only the ability to assign users/roles that can send from the shared email address.  I appreciate any clarification that can be provided about the send email process methods and associating a user account with the shared email address. 

    When the user attempts to send the email from the shared address, the following error is generated:  System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: Syntax error, command unrecognized.
    at Ungerboeck.Common.SendEmailUtil.SendEmail(USIEmail aobjEmail) in C:\DevProjects\Releases\19_82_Staging\Source\Code\Business Services\USIBUSB0\SendEmailUtil.vb:line 5280
    at Ungerboeck.Common.SendEmailUtil.SendEmail(DataRow arowDocument, DocumentsBusinessArgs aobjDocumentBusinessArgs) in C:\DevProjects\Releases\19_82_Staging\Source\Code\Business Services\USIBUSB0\SendEmailUtil.vb:line 1414
    at Ungerboeck.Common.SendEmailUtil.SendAndSaveEmails(UIType aenumUIType, WindowType aenumWindowType, WindowMode aenumWindowMode, Dictionary`2 aobjPageArgs, String astrOrgCode, Int32 aintObjectID, Int32 aintContextObjectID, SaveInfo aobjSaveInfo, DataTable atblListData, DataSet adsAdditionalTablesToSave, IDbConnection acnConn, IDbTransaction atxTrans) in C:\DevProjects\Releases\19_82_Staging\Source\Code\Business Services\USIBUSB0\SendEmailUtil.vb:line 134

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Rebecca,

    I was able to get this going fairly quickly and easily.  I'll review my config and update you shortly.

  • Carrie Spalding


    I discussed with this Product Management and they requested you submit a ticket.  The steps as documented should work properly so there's more going on here.

    Thank you!


  • Rebecca Green

    Thanks Carrie and Sean.  Appreciate the follow-up.  I'll submit the a support ticket.

  • Sherri Hines

    Where can I set the Organization default email address?

  • Dave Segasture


    When you say "Organization Default Email Address" I need some clarification on how you believe that field would behave in the system.

    There are E-Mail and Email Organization Parameters available and some other settings in the Organization Configuration screen, but I'm sure which if any of these address your question.

    Let me know what you're looking for and we can check to see if the functionality you want is available.

  • Sherri Hines

    In Org 75 we would like the email to default to come from HTELinfo@mphi.or

    In Org 55 we would like the email to default to come from TSTReg@mphi.org

    In Org 10 we would like the email to default to come from EandTReg@mphi.org

    I can't see where to set these defaults.  I can set the shared email addresses in in Organization but not the Org parameter


    does that help?


  • Dave Segasture


    I confirmed with Development, this kind of functionality does not exist at this time.

    Sorry for the bad news.


  • Pat Falkner

    I've set this up and can get it to work but is there anyway to set the default email and name for a user and/or role?

    For example, all of our customer service reps email should come from Customer Service (customerservice@domain.com)

    I've setup the customer service as a shared email address and can be selected but that is an extra and many times forgotten step.  We would like to set it once and forget it.

  • Dave Segasture

    Pat:  So, if I'm understanding this correctly, each User is signing in with their own User ID, and you want them to have a common and specific "Customer Service" Email Address. 

    You could simply change each User's Email address to your Customer Service Email address.

    Not sure if that works for you... it would mean that they can't send from their own real actual Email address.  Plus it would have possible impact on Password Resets, as the Reset Email would go to that Customer Service Email address.

    I can't think of any other work-around for this.

    Please go to the Community Forum section of the KnowledgeBase (this support site) and submit this as an Enhancement Idea for the "Send on Behalf of Others" functionality. Let's see how many other clients might need similar functionality, and perhaps get this added to developments roadmap for future enhancements.

  • Pat Falkner

    We had already been doing that for 12+ years.  Works wonderfully in v19. Now in v20, it still puts their name on outgoing emails from Ungerboeck. Joe Smith <customerservice@domain.com>

  • Dave Segasture

    OK, you might try submitting a Ticket to Support here on the KnowledgeBase to see if there's something which can be done in the Email Configuration itself to prevent that.

  • Kris Corrigan


    Is there anywhere where we can make a shared email a default for a user/role instead of changing each time to the correct entry.



  • Mudit Dhebar

    Hi UB team - I have the same question as Kris. Is there a way we can make the shared email default for a role? 

    Kind Regards,


  • Dave Segasture

    Kris, Mudit: Sorry missed Kris question when it came in all those months ago. 

    No, there is no current functionality to set a User's "From" Email Address as a different Email Address via the "Send on Behalf Of".

    And I would not recommend changing the user's main Email Address either - as that could cause other issues with the sent emails and other email issues. 

    All that said, you could submit this idea as an Enhancement Request. 

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