Maximum Number of User Defined Fields (UDFs)



  • John Simpson

    I have said it many times before, it would be useful if there were more numeric fields available

  • Craig Thompson

    Beyond the need for additional UDFs, I would argue that getting the alphanumeric fields beyond their 255 character limit would be quite helpful.  Yes, an Inline Note will achieve a similar effect if you really want to create a bunch of Notes and abandon years of data living in UDFs. 

    The 255 character limit reminds me of the the 2 digit year decision from decades ago.  I wonder what it would take to get over this hump.

  • Michaela Bluhm

    It would be helpful if the above limits could be increased. 20 date fields are definitely not enough. Thanks

  • Andreas Langer



    was the number raised with recent releases? Or is it still just this:

    • Up to 50 text fields (includes personnel, contact, URL, alphanumeric, etc.)
    • Up to 30 numeric fields
    • Up to 20 date fields
  • Sean Tame

    Me again!

    Can we have a way to stop headings taking up a TXT field in the UDF set?  They don't store any data so I don't see why they need to be linked to a field.

    There are several areas of the system that do not allow varying UDF sets (only one selection is possible) therefore we are forced to cram many options into the one set.  This is then compounded by the fact that headings further reduce our ability to fit everything in which seems easily avoidable.

  • Monika Dudani

    Hi Craig,

    Please submit an enhancement request describing your use case. Follow the steps below to enter your request.

    1. Access the Support Center. (https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com)
    2. Go to the Community by clicking on the Collaborate!
    3. Click on the Product Ideas
    4. Click the Enter the Forum button for the forum where you would like to add the enhancement request.
    5. Click the Create a Post in this Topic
    6. Complete the form and click the Submit



  • Caty Guerrant

    Hello Sean!

    A header or blank line will utilize the 50 text fields, however you can always use a "Plain Text" Custom Field for headers, and "Note" Custom Field for blank lines to help reduce the text fields.


    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    - Caty

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Andreas,

    The above limits remain.



  • Sean Tame

    Do Headings and blank lines still require a field to be assigned to them?  This can be a waste of fields as they don't hold any data.

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