Exhibition Floor Plan Overview



  • Jean Modräger

    Placing an exhibitor does not work.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Jean,

    Can you provide more information? What do you mean by does not work? Do you get a message? Or an error? Do you not see an available option? If you can provide us some more information, we will be better able to help.


  • Theresa Gorman

    Somehow, the home zoom on my floorpan has set to a tiny image.  Is there a way I can return it to normal?



  • Theresa Gorman

    It's OK - found the cause - a stand had been created in the middle of nowhere, this expanded the size of the plan - could be useful if anyone else tries to troubleshoot the same problem :)

  • Maggie U.

    Thank you for posting the solution Theresa!

  • Laurie Gendre


    How can we delete an imported floor plan please ? It was only for a test and I can't find a button to delete it.

    Thank you in advance

  • Danna Banick

    Hi Laurie.

    Please locate the floor plan and "Mark For Delete" on that row. The floor plan will be located in the Floor Plan section tab or the Documents section tab depending on which release you are accessing.

    Danna Banick

  • Laurie Gendre

    Hello Danna,
    I'm sorry but I don't see the "Mark for delete" line. Could you send me a screenshot to find the right way to go there please ? I tried by going to the Event menu > Floor plan.

    Thank you for your help !


  • Alexander James Jensen

    Laurie Gendre

    If you go on the event tab and navigate down to the documents tab on the event.

    You will see the different floorplans and other documents, here you can right click on the floor plans and then right click mark for delete and this way clean your event from incorrect floor plans :) 

  • Laurie Gendre

    Hello Alexander,

    Unfortunately I don't have my floorplans in the documents section, only invoices, emails and dropped documents

  • Danna Banick

    Hello Laurie,
    Depending which version you are running, the floor plan will be on either of the two tabs. 

    Here are some items to check:

    1. In 98 & Earlier, It will be on the Documents Tab. So, if you are on 98 or earlier, Please check on the view driving your documents tab. Please be sure that you have the View for All Documents showing.
    2. In 99 and later, it should be on the Floor Plan section tab. You may need to add this to your layout and from there you will likely find your file to delete.
    3. Go to Main Menu and use Find Documents. Select AutoCAD for the Type and enter an appropriate date range to try to locate your file. A delete button is available via the Properties navigation. However, this option may not work if there are any ties to other objects.
    4. If further assistance is needed, please enter a request for training to help find the floor plan locations.

  • Laurie Gendre

    Hello Danna,

    Thank you so much ! Indeed we didn't have the Floor Plans Tab !

    Kind regards,



  • Danna Banick

    I am happy to hear of your success! - Danna

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