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  • Sean Tame

    Hi Pam,

    That would be an excellent enhancement to this area.  I'd love to see (optional) in/out dates and times available here.

    What I always tell people is to use Note 1 for what the Service account is doing/delivering etc (eg an extension on the Department description) and use Note 2 for when they are doing it. 

    Not ideal but at least you can get consistency and understanding across your data entry and data outputs.  So in your case, your loading dock report would focus on the Note 2 contents.

  • Pamela Smith

    Hi Sean,

    Absolutely - it would help many venues that I've spoken to if this functionality was added. Sounds like we're on the right track re: Note 1 and Note 2 as this is how we use it currently.

    The challenge is that we may have deliveries several days in advance which is where the sorting by date / time on the services tab, rather than by the event date would be beneficial. 

    It would be interesting to see how suppliers were recorded in the system (other than function lines / service orders), by other venues.


  • Sean Tame

    Re: #2 = We had a similar bug in Purchasing a long time ago where the PO Account dropdown was serving up all the contacts making it super easy to raise a PO for a contact rather than a company.  It took a while but it got fixed.  Sounds like the same bug here.  (If there are separate fields for Account/Contact, the dropdown should not show both in the one list)

  • Hello.

    Two questions:

    1.  Is it possible to limit the list of available Account/Contact once a Department have been selected in the Add Event Service Window?  

    If only 1 person (contact) in a company (account) of 10 can provide a service (department), can I get just that one contact to be listed after the Department and Account have been selected?  (I was hoping for a Services field at the Contact level, but don't see one...)

    Similarly, after a Department has been selected, can the Accounts lists be limited to ones to whom that Department applies?

    2. How can I prevent Contacts that belong to an Account from appearing in the Account list? 

    When an account name is typed into the Account pull down, the account and all associated contacts appear, listing in alphabetical order, making it harder to select the Account.

    Thank you!


  • Pamela Smith

    Is there a way to insert a date and time field in here? That way these event services can be used as a loading dock / delivery schedule report.

  • Thanks, Sean.

    1.  I was hoping for a way to clean up the exercise of assigning contacts to an Events' service, especially since the Contact field autofills with the Account's lead contact, who may not always (will rarely?!) be the right person. I was thinking more like how a resource item that's not in a selected price list won't appear as an option in the Add SOI window, so too would a contact that's not eligible for a certain service not appear in the Add Event services window.  Time for an enhancement request?!

    2.  I am indeed talking about the Accounts dropdown in the Add Event Services window, where there is no Class filter.

  • Sean Tame

    Hi Zak,

    1) No.  This window is really for you to be assigning the Account (and Contact) that is taking care of that portion of the Event.  It is for you to define at this point in time, not prior.  What you are asking for seems a little akin to saying, can I limit the list of available event accounts by the space I have booked.

    As far as selecting the Contact once the Account is defined, the standard 'Department / Position' fields should be visible next to the Contact's name in the dropdown to assist in selecting the correct contact.

    2) Use the 'Class' filter to select only 'Organizations' in the Account field to eliminate the contacts.  (or are you referring to the dropdown?)

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