Exhibitor Cancellation Reasons



  • Sara Schwartz

    How do you view all of the exhibitor cancellation reasons and the comments that have been entered for a specific event?

  • Eric Lowe

    Updated: There is a screen off the Main Menu called Exhibitor Cancellation Reasons Reporting that lists the cancelled exhibitors with the reasons.

    Hey Sara,

    Right now there is not a window in Ungerboeck that will let you see all that data.  The best we can provide in the released versions is the exhibitors grid with 3 columns available for the first 3 reasons.  The part we are missing are the comments, right now you will have to review them one by one.  So you can get the reasons, but not the comments in the exhibitors grid. 

    If that doesn't work, I recommend building a custom report, or having tech services build it for you. 

    In 20.93, we just added a new window from the main menu that will allow you to view cancellation reasons with comments, which is basically that same window you see from exhibitor > cancellation reasons tab, if you pushed it to full screen.  Today in released versions (20.9 and 20.92) it always filters by the exhibitor since we do not have a window you can access from the main menu. 

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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