Accounts Receivable End of Month and Year Processes



  • Lori Wehmer

    Can I get a listing of the actual functions used for each step? We've lost our Accounting Manager and someone else needs to pick up where he left off.

  • Michael Archer

    Is there a separate support article for more detail on Event Invoice accruals?

    I would be interested in exploring if it was possible for an event that spans a period end to partially recognize the revenues earned to date the same way we can view revenues in the Daily Revenue report.

    If we could accrue the revenue for SO's that have completed to date or partial amounts of their revenues based on days elapsed without needing to wait for the entire event to close to allow percentage of completion revenue recognition.


    SO dates Aug 31-Sept 1, total revenues to be recognized over the 2 days = $100

    Event Invoice revenue accrual as at Aug 31 (period close date) = $50

  • Permanently deleted user

    Not sure if I'm missing something, testing the "Recognize Deferred Revenue" as per above and the process creates journals, but the journals that are created are not set up to reverse!  So when I post them, I'm having to go back in and manually reverse the journals!   I've tested this on v20.90 and v20.93!

    Is there an additional step (or configuration) to ensure that  ....

    "When posting the journal entry, a reversal entry is created for the next period ..."

    And any schedule to move this process to v20?

  • Ryan Ungerboeck



    The event accrual will do exactly as you described.  This process will accrue for any non-invoiced order as of the period end date.  If the item spans the fiscal period end date - the amount accrued will be proportionate to the number of days in the current period and not the full amount of the item.

    Filters are then available by Event Status, Event(s), Order Department, or specific Event Categories / Classes or Types.

    Recommended option is the default for All Non-Invoiced Orders = Yes, vs the second option which will target order items and order items for events that span the month end.  The default option will look for all non-invoiced orders.

    It is recommended that a period start date also be used to avoid any old orders that have not been closed out but should not be accrued for OR using the filters to target specific event statuses or events.



  • Ryan Ungerboeck


    The recognize deferred revenue process does not need to automatically reverse the entry (and in fact should not be reversed).  For this process - the journal entries will be automatically reversed when the payment plan is final invoiced - so no manual intervention is necessary.  The article is being updated.

    The last line will now read - when a final invoice is raised for that payment plan - the accrued revenue will be reversed automatically and the actual revenue will be recognized.

    This is also true with the "Accrue Event Revenue" - as all payment plan final invoices will reverse any previously revenue recognized and replace with the final invoice amounts. 

    As for the process in v20 - this is scheduled for development in the last quarter of 2018.  I expect it will be released then with 20.95 at the latest.


  • Maggie U.

    Hi Lori,

    I think this would be complicated to manage via Support Center conversations. I see you have submitted a ticket and it looks like your Customer Success Manager, Justin, is reviewing it. He'll follow up with you and provide what you need. 



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