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  • Nikki Crook

    Is it possible to create an Executive Dashboard chart based on an EZWriter script?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Nikki,

    It is not possible to create a chart based on an EZWriter script.


  • Paul C Norman

    What I did was create an EZWriter data source to just put the data in the dashboard for the users and then they just copy and paste it into excel and create a chart from it.

    It is not optimal but at least the data is at their fingertips. Hope that helps.

  • Nikki Crook

    Thanks Paul, that solution did cross my mind as well but can't see it going down well with our users :-(

  • Kim Scobie

    Hi there,

    Is there anyway to export these to a word document or pdf, I can only see a print option but I want to actually insert these into our Monthly Board papers.


  • Dave Segasture

    Kim, no, direct Export to Word or PDF is available from the Dashboard. That said, from your Dashboard in the header for your Gadget you can Click the 1st Icon to expand the Gadget to full-window and within that Window you will find a Report button which gives you the option to Print, if you add a PDF Printer to your system (this is a mini program which acts like a printer but actually generates a PDF instead) you could select that Printer and create your PDF.
    Look at the Graphic for "Additional Useful Information - Printing" in the Article above.

    I hope you found this response useful.
    Dave S.

  • Mudit Dhebar - Business Systems
    Hi there, We are on 20.80K and I don't see any chart option in this. Please advise. Thanks, Mudit
  • Dave Segasture
    Mudit, you must own the Executive aka Enhanced, Expanded Ungerboeck Dashboard to utilize this functionality. And, your User Account must be assigned to a Role which allows Access. So... make sure you have purchased this Module, if not, reach out to your Account Manager. If you own the Module, make sure your Role allows Access to the Executive Dashboard. I hope this helps to clarify.
  • Chew Tau Siong


    I am using 20.82.

    When I select service orders under the subject, I could not find any "Add" button for me to click on under the selection of report. Could you assist me with your advices.



  • Viviane Neumann

    Chew, can you please send me a screenshot of what you see (viviane.neumann@ungerboeck.com) so that I can have a look at this? Thank you

  • Dave Segasture


    I've attached a Screen shot of what you should see when you Edit a Dashboard to add a Gadget as a View using Service Orders.

    You will see a list of Reports from the Service Orders which are available to utilize as your Gadget.

    You cannot add a new Report from that window, you must have the Ungerboeck Dashboard, which is the advanced Dashboard which gives you access to Reports where you can Add a new Tabular or Chart Pivot Report to add new Reports.

    Now... if you created some new Report and you set it up for "Only One User" or "Users with Roles"... then that could be the problem, as this might block you from being able to View the Report on your selected Dashboard.

    Aside from that, hopefully if you can provide us a Screen Shot or explain the Steps you're following, then it might help us to diagnose your issue.

  • Lixing


    Is there any tutorial about creating KPI/gauge report? I created one to see if the revenue met the goal, but the pointer of the revenue always show at 0.


  • Viviane Neumann

    As of today there is no article yet, but I will communicate this internally. Until then, feel free to drop me a screenshot of your Setting, so that I check what needs to be changed: viviane.neumann@ungerboeck.com

  • Valéry Buret


    I tried following the above steps and I dont see anything to select in the Report dropdown box.

    Is there anything we need to setup beforehand to have reports showing in this selection box ?

  • Viviane Neumann

    Hi Valéry,
    In case you are referring to the general article: It is normal that you do not have any reports in the drop-down. You will need to create those the first time (as per the instructions).
    Or what were you referring to? Thank you

  • Valéry Buret

    I don't see instructions to create a report. Do you have a link to share ?

    Or maybe are you talking about the above point 4) Click on the "Add button" ?

    In this case, same as Chew. I don't have this button in the dropdown box.

  • Viviane Neumann

    Yes, I was talking about the "Add" - In that case like you noted: see the reply of Dave. Let me know if you need more help.

  • Eric Edgar
  • Kieron Marshall

    Is there a way we can have a Report we create on the dashboard, but it defaults to the Gridview and not the chart view? the Gridview is the view I wish to represent to the user

  • Viviane Neumann

    Hello Kieron,
    Would you like your Users to ONLY see the gridview (and not the chart), or to  see the gridview first and if they want they can switch to charts?

  • Kieron Marshall

    Ideally in this case see the gridview first, they may not need to see the chart, but if they want to its up to them to click on it. 

    Have the option to only see the gridview would be fine as an option as well.

  • Viviane Neumann

    There is currently no way to limit the Users via Role for them to only see the grid view, and not the Chart. What you can do is suggest the Users to click on the grid view once; as the system remembers what has been opened last, the next time they open the Dashboard with the charts, it is automatically the grid view which will appear.
    If this is not enough, feel free to enter an Enhancement Request. Kind regards

  • Kieron Marshall

    Is there a way to reverse the sign of the data in reports?

    I am doing a report on Revenue GL's and they are credits so the charts are upside down.

    I tried custom formatting but as it doesnt change the raw data it doesnt help.

  • Viviane Neumann

    Kieron, Do I understand correctly that you would like to change the sorting of the column? And if so, could you pls send us an example, so that I can best answer your question? Thank you

  • Kieron Marshall

    Hi Viviane.

    If you see I am pulling through from GL Inq on PTD

    in "Raw Data" tab it is showing negatives, which is correct as it is a revenue GL

    So when you put this in a report it goes right to left as its negative

    I wish to have the signs reversed so they are positive and graphs to left to right.

    I can of course create a formula field etc and reverse it that way, but I feel there should be a way to do it without creating an extra field.

  • Viviane Neumann

    Hi Kieron,
    The only way to get that result would indeed be to work with a formula field.

  • Sean Tame

    I'm struggling with creating Reports over GL data.

    1) When using GL Inquiry as the data source, I am unable to enter any meaningful FYP filters.  I only have a single FYP to select and there is no 'relative' option.  I want to do a Year on Year report.  How do I do that?  I cannot event select YYYY-00 to get a full year as Period 00 is invalid.

    2) So I try my luck with Journal Entry Detail (a very confusing name for GL Transactions indeed!) as the source and as soon as I try getting any data, I get a System.OutOfMemory error.


  • Ryan Ungerboeck

    Sean - Patch C should contain a first version of a GL Inquiry (GL Account History) dashboard that allows you to:


    1.) Reports across multiple periods

    2.) Reverse the sign of revenue for reporting purposes


    The relative period filtering is still something that is in the works for v30 - but I understand the value of this.

  • Sean Tame

    Thanks Ryan,

    Are you suggesting that Fiscal Period controls will never be available in v20?  I really think these should be there now as it is impossible to make views and reports as is.

  • Sean Tame

    When can we expect to be able to add Charts with multiple series (and multiple scales)?

    Use case, I want to run Forecast Revenue and Forecast Attendance (or # Events) on the one chart as one informs the other, however, due to their wildly different scales, it is not practical.  I'd also like one to be a column and one to be a line - not sure if that's possible currently either?

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