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  • Hello,

    A point of clarification on the above steps:  when the Execution Mode is set to "Window", the Command Editor changes to a single entry field, and in turn loses the "top-left" button that gives access to available parameters.

    In which case:  where does one find the list of parameters (and acceptable syntax) that can be used in a Window command?  

    E.g. I'm looking for the Note Class parm name, to add to the following window command (which currently creates a new note in a designated event, and which I'd like to have also automatically set a Note Class):

    <command wdwid="AA9472" function="openWindow" panel="Y"> <parameters> <parm name="EvtID" type="integer">5143</parm> <parm name="FavID" type="integer">999</parm> </parameters></command>


    Thank you.



  • Ricardo Guevara

    Hello Zak,

    Thank you for submitting the question, which is a very good one, by the way.

    I don't believe we have a list of parameters per window available on the system, nevertheless, you can create a EZWritter Source and a WRI page that lists the results of the following query (where the value of US697_WDW_ID should be the ID of the window you want to call):

    SELECT *
    MM060_ID = US697_PARM_ID
    WHERE US697_WDW_ID = 'AA9472'


    I found something interesting doing this exercise, as the specific window you are using (AA9472) does not return any parameters, nevertheless, if does accept some, as I see you already know by your example.

    This leads me to believe that windows like AA9472 could be inheriting parameters from other windows and it may accept some parameters, even when the parameter list is not explicitly showing any. In order to provide you with a definitive answer, we would have to summon our application architects and do a bit of research, which may not happen quickly.

    Thank being said, the link you are looking for should look like this (where "ADVFOH" is an example of a Note Class already configured in the system):

    <command wdwid="AA9472" function="openWindow" panel="Y"><parameters><parm name="EvtID" type="integer">5874</parm><parm name="NoteClass" type="string">ADVFOH</parm></parameters></command>


    To your original question... how did I know to use "NoteClass" as a parameter for that window? And the answer to that is... that I didn't.

    By running the SQL statement above (removing the WHERE clause) I pulled all the parameters accepted by the system's windows and specifically looked for any parameters that would make reference to a Note Class. I found one that, while it is registered to be used by another window, it actually works with AA9472.

    I do apologize for not being able to provide a complete explanation of how this process works, but I hope that some of this information is useful for this specific scenario and perhaps some future ones.

    Thanks again.


  • Ricardo,

    Thank you for digging into this.  

    Simultaneously to posting here I came across the below forum post about the same topic, that also suggested the SQL statement (which I have since used to create a Crystal Report that I can run from the dashboard):


    The "NoteClass" paramount does indeed work, though it only sets the class in the new note and does not recall that class's template.  Any tips on getting that to work?!  Or is this something that "should work" and warrants a ticket?

    Thanks again,


  • Ricardo Guevara

    Hello Zak, 

    You make a good observation on your comment about the process not populating the template from the selected Note Class. When getting access to a windows from the system using the Custom Links, the parameters are used to reference existing data, not to populate the window we are opening (e.g. when calling the Event window, we can pass the "Event ID" parameter and the page will load the information of the Event matching the parameter's value, but we cannot pass an "Event Name" parameter expecting the link to populate the field automatically)

    In your specific example, while the Note Class being passed as a parameter does pre-select the value on the dropdown, it will not trigger the process of loading the template associated with the Note Class and unfortunately we don't believe this is an expected behavior from our system.

    Seems like you were quite close to achieve a "macro-like" functionality within our system, so kudos for the creativity. We are sorry to not be able to offer these type of flexibility within our system as I see how it could be a good tool to streamline processes and guarantee the input of clean data.

    We appreciate your ideas and would invite you to make a suggestion for a future enhancement. If you have not submitted ideas before, you can visit the following link and send us your thoughts: https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/hc/en-us/community/topics

    Thank you again for your comments.

  • Kris Corrigan


    Can I include AP5185 in a parameter to open up the opportunities for accounts payable, I have noticed the window id for AP opportunities is ES8077, upon creating a link and using the view I have created in AP opportunities the link doesn't seem to be opening up and is taking me the event sales opportunities even though i have called the View using the view ID.

    How would I create a link for the AP opportunities, is there a window I can use?



  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Kris,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I spoke with our Application Core Development team and in order to open the Opportunities | Accounts Payable window with a deep link you must include IssueClass=S at the end of the database URL you are using. 

    I hope this helps.


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