Recalculate Orders when Account Tax Scheme Changes



  • julie dyhouse

    In V19 the parameter states "Do not recalculate Order taxes when tax scheme changes" so surely it needs to be set to  Y to prevent this happening ??

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Julie,

    You are absolutely correct - thanks for letting us know!  Article will be updated right now.


  • Jo Dadd

    Is there any reason that this would not work in V20 the parameter is correctly set but when we change the scheme or status we are not seeing any prompt to ask if we want to recalculate taxes

  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Where you trying to change the rate or were you changing schemes?


  • Jo Dadd

    I was changing the tax scheme


  • Americas Ungerboeck Consulting

    Changing the tax scheme would update all orders automatically without a prompt. If you are not seeing that happen, please enter a ticket.

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