Send an Activity to a Group of Users



  • Sean Tame

    But what if this is a single activity that is being sent to a group of people where only one of them needs to complete the task?


  • Chuck Catotti

    Agreed.  This is a real need.  Can we please do this??

  • Dale Rossetti

    Why is it that if we go to just Activities (i.e. not activities for an event, account, service order, etc.) that the Recipient Lists are unavailable? Why do we have to go into Accounts, Service Orders, Events, etc. and create activities there to gain access to Recipient Lists?

  • Erin Luber

    Hi Dale,

    You don't have to start in the accounts window but you do have to select an account on the activity prior to selecting a recipient list. 



  • Mirko Harrison-Gall

    Good Morning,

    If we change the "account status" on accounts/contacts an automatic activity will be created for a specified reciepent. (Designation change) In previous versions of the software - this activity was set with the status "new". Since we upgraded to 98.B the same activity will be created but the status is "completed". Does anyone has an idea why thats the case and how to change that behavior?

    Thank you,


  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Mirko,

    I just tested this in .98 D and when changing the account status of an account/contact the activity designation status is set to new which is the expected behavior. I am not sure why the behavior in .98 B is different with changing the activity designation status to complete. Once you upgrade to patch D you should no longer have this problem but please reach out to our Client Care team if for some reason you still do.



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