Creating Forecast Service Orders During the Copy Event Process



  • Carol Foley

    What is the difference between ordered and forecast? It appears to me that forecast does not check inventory to see if that item is available. Is that the case? If so, once this service order needs to be checked against inventory, how does the end user go about doing that? What process do they need to go through to turn the order not only from forecast to ordered (which is a status change) but also force it to check inventory?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Carol,

    Forecast orders are often used to help create budgets for an event or to predict the revenue for an event. You can find some additional information in the following articles:


    Because forecast orders aren't order items, there is no inventory checking done on them - you wouldn't want to decrease your inventory with items that haven't actually been ordered yet.

    Inventory will be checked when the actual service order gets created - this is either through the copy process (copy the forecast order to a service order - https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/hc/en-us/articles/205090098) or by adding a new service order and adding the same items that existed on the forecast order.


  • Chanh Huynh

    I am looking to take a snap shot of costs and want to use forecast orders, however the copy function that allows you to choose the phase is only available when you copy an event. Is there any functionality for this to be provided within an event?

    The scenario is that I want our users continuing to use Ordered phase. At a point in time, I want to take a snapshot and copy these Ordered costs to Forecast Orders. Users don't even need to muck around with forecast orders or see them as it is only used for financial comparisons. After the snapshot, users continue to amend / updated Ordered costs and the workflow doesn't need to change.

    I'm using 20.90 and testing 20.93C but this is not functionality that I can see yet.

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