Event Access Privileges



  • Sean Tame

    Regarding the Allow Event Modification By Coordinator privilege; How does the system treat events with no coordinator associated?  Can a user only assigned to certain Coordinators edit this or not?


  • Maggie U.

    Hi Sean,

    Events with no coordinators assigned are left open to the users to view and edit. A user assigned to only certain coordinators can edit events with no coordinators assigned.


  • Sean Tame

    Thanks Maggie,

    Not sure what our issue is then.  A user tried to delete a booking line on an event with no coordinator but was getting a hard stop due to "not being able to delete notes because of Edit Events by Coordinator". (They were able to edit regular event fields though).  Then we thought it was due to access on deleting automatic notes.  There was an auto booking note despite no auto notes being set up.  Not sure how to turn off and not sure why we got the message given the above.

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Sean,

    Sounds like it's being too restrictive on that particular tab. Enter a case with the details and our Client Care Team can review and get it routed to the right Development Team.


  • Hello.

    I'm trying to make sense of "Allow Event Modification by Event Account Rep/Salesperson"  but can't work out the separation between Account Rep and Salesperson... all I'm seeing is that this privilege relies on the Salesperson entry and not the Account Rep. 

    After assigning an "allowed" account to a user/role in this privilege, the users access to events is only affected by the Salesperon assignment:

    - the user can see and edit any event that has the allowed account or no one assigned as salesperson;

    - the user cannot see an event with a different salesperson, even if the Account Rep matches the "allowed" account.

    So is this really just a "by Salesperon" privilege, and Account Rep doesn't really factor into it?  


  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Zak,

    You are correct, it really is just a "by Salesperson" privilege in v20 and v30.  In v19, what we now call "Salesperson" was referred to as the "Event Account Representative," so in v19 the privilege does apply to "Event Account Rep" (Account Rep assigned to the Event, not to the Account).  It was not intended to apply to the Account's "Account Rep."

    I hope that helps to clarify.


    Wendy Thompson

    Senior Quality Engineer

  • Rebecca Green

    Question regarding the Allow Event Modification By Coordinator and Allow Event Modification By Salesperson access privileges.  Should these privileges restrict a user from completing a work order item if they are set to view?  Our technical staff need to be able to view event information but still complete work order items.

  • Tyler Lewis

    Hello Rebecca,
    I don't know for sure without knowing all the set up. However, we believe it works considers modifying Work Orders constitutes modifying the event, or b) completing that specific work order item is causing the Work Order to complete and causing event status or something to change. But, what exactly does the user have could play a factor in this question.

    Business Analyst Venue Operations

    Tyler Lewis 


  • Rebecca Green

    Hi Tyler,  Thanks for the follow-up.  I have determined how to deny access to edit the events using the access exceptions.  This has drawbacks and is difficult to track/document access for audit purposes.  I think the standard need for service departments would be the ability view event and function information and perform tasks specific to their role level such as complete items in their department.  I don't see a straight-forward way to achieve that access.  

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