Convert Word Template Document to PDF



  • Chanh Huynh

    We need a solution in this space too if we are encouraging our users to work from UB rather than having to save the document as a PDF on the desktop before sending out as mentioned by Sean.

  • Sean Tame

    Can this article be updated to make it clear that only TEMPLATE documents are converted to a pdf when applied directly on an e-mail?  By saying "Documents can be converted to PDF when they are being attached to emails." gives the impression you can create a document from the template, then edit it and then send as pdf.  This is not yet possible.


  • Pat Falkner

    Thanks Sean.

    I figured as much but sure is clunky especially if you are using a Word Merge template.  I was hoping for a better solution. It would be so much easier, smoother, to be able to do a "save as" from the merged document to a PDF to the document tab then send that as an attachment on an email. Saving locally then having to grab it again to attach seems like more steps than necessary.

    I found it odd as well that when you send as an attachment, you get a second copy.

  • Jonathan Isaacs

    Hi All,

    Is there an update on this? Is this possible in a future release?



  • Pat Falkner

    Since we can't create a document from a template and then send as a PDF, how can you create a document, email it, and not have the receiving party edit the document?  (ie-contracts, agreements, statement of work, etc.)

  • Christine Conlogue

    Have you come up to a solution for converting the Word (Contract) documents that are in Ungerboeck to a pdf document without having to export the Word doc out to your computer and import the pdf back in yet? This is a much needed upgrade.

  • Ange Hagan

    I'm also seeking the ability to convert to PDF once template word doc has been edited.

    Following this thread so can be notified if/when this feature is added!


  • Ange Hagan

    This is also something we require for our operations - and submitted as a product enhancement in 2017. I will resubmit on the new Product Ideas Forum.

    Hopefully we have some movement on this soon.

  • Ryan Canny

    Hi Jonathan,

    I checked with Product Management on this and it is on our backlog for a future release but not further update at this time.



  • Sean Tame

    Hi Pat,

    You need to save the doc as a PDF to your desktop and then either

    a) compose an e-mail to the client from within Ungerboeck and pick up this PDF as an attachment OR

    b) save that PDF to your documents tab and then send it via e-mail from within Ungerboeck.

    Note that with option b) you will likely end up with duplicates as the original document stays and then all attachments are also saved if you elect to Save the Email when sending it.

  • Ryan G.

    Hi Christine,

    I met with the project manager today and this is not currently possible. He is aware of the need and it will be considered for future development. Currently there is no time frame.



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