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  • Permanently deleted user

    When an event is marked as confidential, does it still block of the times in the event & booking calendars?

  • Quentin Hendricks


    Yes, confidential events will still be shown on the calendars. This is because they are still booked and we wouldn't want to make it seem like those spaces/times are open and available if they aren't. When an event is confidential, the event description/name and account will be masked as noted in this article, but it will still be visible on the calendar.

    I hope that helps!



  • Permanently deleted user

    Thank you Quentin, this is exactly the behavior we were hoping for.


  • Sean Tame

    I've been doing a bunch of testing and one thing that I can't quite work out is the difference between the Access Privilege "Allow Access to Confidential Events" and the "Confidential Events" element (#2604). 

    I think I want 3 sets of users.

    1) Full Access.  This Role would have the ability to see, edit confidential events, as well as marking them as confidential and public.

    2) View Sanitised.  This Role would be able to see there is an event but see the 'Confidential Event' and 'Confidential Account' descriptions.  Restricting their ability to see the Activities and Documents may also be needed to ensure that no give-aways were visible either.

    3) No access.  This Role would not see the event in the listing at all (but would see it sanitised in the calendar per the above post)

    What access would be required by each of these?


  • Sean Tame

    I have another query on this.

    How do we update the 'real' Event Description while the event is confidential?

    I tried the Description - Confidential Events field but this is read only.
    I tried marking the event as Confidential again and editing the description there but I get an error saying "This record already exists, please change the code and try your request again" but there is no "Code".

    It would seem that at present you must make an event public to update it's description.  This seems highly risky and against the purpose of the feature.

    Please advise.


  • Quentin Hendricks

    Hi Sean,

    I have a few answers that will hopefully help. First, the easy one... There currently is not a way to update the real Event Description while an event is still marked as confidential. You're correct in that you'd need to make the event public, update the description, and then make it confidential again. The confidential events workflow wasn't really intended to do much more than the masking of the description and account names that it does today. I don't believe we had a business case for needing to change the real name in the background when it was implemented.

     The "Confidential Events" element (2604) you're referencing is really just the group action for the Event > Tools menu. That group contains the actions for "Make Confidential" and "Make Event Public." You can use access management to hide or restrict these actions for your users.

    For the Access Privilege "Allow Access to Confidential Events" - To my knowledge, that plus access management changes will meet all 3 of the needs  you listed. For #1 and #3, the access privilege alone should do the heavy lifting there and accomplish what you need. For #2, you should just be able to allow access to confidential events, but maybe lock down some of the other actions like Edit Event, the Confidential Events group action, any other sections or fields you'd want to hide, etc.

    I hope that helps!



  • Sean Tame

    Thanks Quentin,

    So is it possible to turn the 'Description - Confidential Events' field into an editable field for those with the correct access?  I think this feature will be ditched by the users if the proposed workflow is to make it public, update, make confidential. I'm not sure exactly how I could sell that to them.

  • Quentin Hendricks


    I believe that could be possible, but I'm not aware of any technical limitations we might see in looking to do that (I know there's a different table involved). It will require an enhancement request to bring that under development consideration. I wouldn't be able to promise a specific delivery date or release version at this time, since it may be more complex than what I'm thinking.

    Feel free to email me outside of this page if you'd like to discuss the topic further. I'd be happy to discuss the business case, pros/cons, etc.



  • Bac Lam


    This option is valid in which version.  We cannot find the feature tab in edit role window and  tools menu in edit event. 

    We are V19.5





  • Wendy Thompson

    This feature was added as a new enhancement only in v20, not in v19.

  • Wendy Thompson

    To clarify a few things...

    If a user has both the Feature and the Access Privilege assigned, there are columns that can be added to the grid and/or layout that will display the actual Event Description and Account, among others.  Look for Description - Confidential Events and Account - Confidential Events under the Confidential Events Group when assigned.

    If a user has only the Access Privilege, and not the Feature, the user will be able to see the Confidential Event details, other than the Event and Account information, but will not have access to the Confidential Events columns to display the actual information.

    If the user has the Feature, but not the Access Privilege, or neither, the user will be able to see the bookings/event on the Calendar, but will be prevented from opening the Edit Event window, and will not have access to the pertinent details or be able to search on list pages for the event.

  • Michelle Herson


    I am wondering if there is a way to make a space confidential in the same way.  This feature works really well, but we want all events in a few spaces confidential.  So, using this feature we have to keep setting each event as confidential.  

    The Add/Change/Delete Bookings by Space doesn't limit viewing the details of the event so that isn't an option for us.



  • Mark Fingerhut

    Ah, hello again, Michelle. Seems I just answered your other question and sent you here. Today we do not have the ability to control the confidentiality of events by which space the event is booked in. It is designated on an event by event basis. 

  • Frank, Christine



    somehow we don´t have the option to grant access via the featueres tab.


    We only can do it via the main menu access privilige and on the role and tab access privilige. But features is not showing it.

    also we cannot see the account or contacts or event when it´s confidential. In our understanding only user which no right to view confidential events cannot see it. Users and roles with this access privilieg should still see it.


    Thanks and kind regards


  • Linda Moyer

    Christine Frank This sounds like something that our Support team should dig into. Please enter a support ticket (click Submit a Request at the top of this page) so they can take a look.

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