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  • Svend Knutsen

    Do you still need to create a new SQL login on the SQL server first (on-prem)?

  • Not if you're using v20

  • Kelley Willis

    Stuck doing admin. New users, usial Admin out on Medical Leave. Got a new user up, can't login, been around and around with resetting password, unlocking user, no success. This is the third 'Article' I've been through, none any help.

    Which that 'Was This Article Helpful?' control above was a yes/no, so you'd know how often it isn't .

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Kelley,

    Sorry to hear you are frustrated, certainly not what we want! I see you have entered a ticket so I'll reach out to our Client Care Team to ask them to review it and follow up with you as soon as possible!



  • Linda Hilko

    And am just adding to this thread Maggie, that the  Was this article helpful? button now only gives us the Yes option on all article pages. The No option no longer appears. Is this on purpose?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Linda,

    We did decide to remove the No option for right now since it has a negative impact on search results without providing us any feedback on what was unhelpful about article. We are trying to make adjustments to help improve search results that are within our control and this was one of the items we could try. We also wanted to be able to capture why an article wasn't helpful so we are currently working on putting in something that allows you to comment on why an article wasn't helpful so we can make changes and updates to it.



  • Joey Lynn Pinaglia

    New to the admin role, can anyone tell me the difference between the activation statuses?  Active, Inactive, Password Change Requires, or Reset Password.  

    Our users were set up by another co-worker that is no longer with us, some accounts are set up as Active and some as Reset Password and I'm not sure why.  

    Thank you

  • John Padgett

    Hi Joey,

    Activation Status affects whether or not users can sign in. Here's a brief breakdown of what each status means:

    • Active: User password is set up and they are able to sign in
    • Inactive: User is no longer active and cannot sign in
    • Password Change Required: If a user attempts to sign in, they will be prompted with a password change dialog and cannot proceed until they complete the password change process.
    • Reset Password: I believe this is a legacy status as it does not change any behavior. Use the "Password Change Required" field if you need to force a user to update their password.


    I hope this helps!

    John P.


  • Jaime Kenney

    HI - Once I have the user Retired and the Personnel Account set to Inactive, should I Drop the user in the services.ungerboeck.com portal?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Jaime,

    Yes, you'll want to go to the Cloud Portal to request to drop the user.



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