Supplier/Vendor Prepayments



  • Sean Tame

    Great article and document - thanks.

    One question - should step 7 happen automatically when you perform step 5?  It seems as though you need to match the prepayment to the voucher twice.

    1) Process pre-payment Voucher

    2) Process pre-payment Payment

    3) Process invoice Voucher and match to prepayment (voucher should be marked as paid automatically)

  • Patrick Tenny

    Currently, vouchers are only marked as Paid after going through the Payment process

  • Fazal Rehman

    When I process prepayment voucher, do I need to untick the prepaid box, if it is for the upcoming event.? When I process prepayment it automatically ticks the prepaid box as soon as I select the event. Can any body guide if this is the right process.

  • Irene Tjandrasa

    Hi , yes that is the correct process.

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