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  • Karin van der Horst


    I'm looking for just this option, but following your instructions, gone to a precessed EFT file, but can't find the Remittance" icon. (i know it sounds like can't find the any key ;). I'm trying in 19.7 HP12

    Is there a parameter you need to set first?

    Can you help me on this?

  • Fabienne Mannherz

    Hi Karin,

    this is only possible from the Payment Processing window itself - not within the edit payment batch window.


    Best wishes


  • Karin van der Horst

    YES! thanks very much!

  • Karin van der Horst

    Fabienne, still 1 question left: as you cabn imagine we have more Dutch language suppliers tan English, yet in the Remittance Advice Email Notes screen, seems to allow me only one dictionary; the Ebms in English - standard dictionary

    Is there a way to select from the muitiple dictionaries we've configured ?

    again, thanks for helping out

  • Fabienne Mannherz

    Hi Karin,

    usually you should be able to create different email notes for each dictionary you have configured . In case your other dictionaries does not show up in the dropdown we may need to have a closer look at that together with support.

    Best wishes


  • Kris Corrigan


    Is the remittance email address taken rom the email on the account?

    If so we have an issue as the email address on the account is shown below

    However the remittance advice email is dropping the 'y' from the end of the email and therefore we cant send the remittance to this address.



  • Maggie U.

    Hi Kris,

    It uses the email address on the A/P Demographics for the Supplier Account so check to see if it is correct there.  


  • Michael Patterson

    Is there a way to see if you have already sent a remittance via email?  i.e. I don't want to send to supplier twice. 

    Previously in v.19 once you had emailed the remittance it would show the envelope icon.  Is there the same functionality in v.30?  If so how do I see this?

  • Irene Tjandrasa

    Hi Michael,

    There is a way to see if you already sent a remittance by check the save reports in folder/ activity checkbox on remittance advice reports when you send the email. 

    Then it will show on activity tab when you sent the remittance advice like example below :



  • Sonja Rickenbacher


    Is there a way to send a remittance advice to more than one email address automatically? I tried to add two email addresses into the AP demographics email address field but it does not like it.



  • Lauren Curd

    Hi Sonja - 

    In version 99, the Email address field on the AP demographics list will allow a semi-colon list of emails to be assigned for sending remittances to multiple email addresses.



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