Event Function Statuses



  • Eloise McElroy

    Is it possible to change the event statuses in bulk i.e. across multiple events as opposed to doing it per event? 

  • Sean Tame

    Sorry Eloise,

    From this article: https://supportcenter.ungerboeck.com/hc/en-us/articles/204563588-Edit-Multiple-Events

    You cannot change the bookings on multiple events or change the event status on multiple events. 

    This restriction makes sense in many ways as spaces would need to be conflict checked.  When updating many bookings at once, you would not want conflicting spaces to be confirmed at the same time.

  • Eloise McElroy

    Thanks for that Sean!

    We are having an issue where a specific Status Code (say, Pending) has been given a higher number than say a Confirmed Status and therefore we are unable to use the privelege restrictions which means each team member has full access priveleges to write over another event on the same date/time with only a pop-up. 

    I need to change this specific Status Code (i.e. Pending) to a lower Code number so that team members are unable to make the mistake of booking over a Confirmed event. Unfortunately, this means changing the statuses of a significant number of events to fix this issue. 

    To avoid doing it manually, any suggestions?

  • Mark Fingerhut

    Eloise - Any kind of automatic method to change the code of existing statuses, or mass updating statuses, such as a SQL statement, would not be recommended. There is a lot of potential risk there with so much related functionality and logic based on statuses. I would recommend doing some analysis on how many functions would need to be changed. That would provide a scope of how big an effort this update would be. Overall, I'd recommend enlisting the assistance of your Ungerboeck consultant or CSM to discuss this further and explore potential options. 

  • Levin Shum

    Hi there,


    We have a Event/Job/Booking Status that we tried to delete. But it stated that the delete was unsucessful because it is being used. However, on the event screen, I cleared all the filters, and only chose this status (25), hit search. It returned nothing. So no events are having this status.

    Is there anywhere else that I should check?


    Thank you.


  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Levin,

    Depending on the configuration, the Status could also be used on Bookings, Functions, Job Bookings, Job Functions, or previously archived Events, Bookings, etc.

    Your best option might be to run a SQL query to find where it has been used.

    You can also set the Event Scope and Job Scope fields to blank to prevent it from being available/used in the future.



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