Add and Remove Orders on Contracts



  • Kris Corrigan


    How can we add a new booking service order to an existing payment from when the addendum has been created? I seem to be getting the message below


  • Mark Fingerhut

    Jo Parton - I've added your requst to our backlog of enhancements for contracts. Thanks for the suggestion. 

  • Jo Parton


    Was an enhancement request submitted for this and if so, is there any update?

    We have encountered this very issue whereby we wanted to add the addendum orders to the existing payment plan linked to the contract so that the client is only receiving one series of deposit invoices, and one final invoice, for the contracted items.



  • Wendy Thompson

     Hi Kris,

    I think what you're saying is that you have bookings/orders on a Contract, then add a new booking/order to the event and add it to an Addendum to that Contract, not to the original Contract.  If that is the case, you will not be able to add the booking/order that is on the Addendum to the Payment Plan that is on the original Contract.  While they are associated, the system currently sees them as two different Contracts based on the Sequence number and does not allow orders from one Contract Sequence to be on a Payment Plan associated with a different Contract Sequence. 

    You could use Add Existing Booking on the original Contract and add the new booking to that one and add it to the Payment Plan in the process.  Otherwise you would need to create a new Payment Plan.

    At this time, this is by design.  If you would like us to explore the option of adding orders on an Addendum to a Payment Plan on the parent Contract,  please submit an enhancement request with the business case.

    Thank you!

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