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  • Carlos Chan

    Is it possible to let a user edit a function with coordinator "A" but not functions that are assigned to coordinators other than "A", including no coordinator assignment?

  • Maggie U.

    Hi Carlos,

    The Allow Function Modification by Coordinator covers the ability to edit a function for certain coordinators but if a function has no coordinator assigned, then anyone can edit it when using this access privilege.



  • Theresa Gorman

    Momentus Support Center

    Allow Function Modification by Coordinator

    I am not getting the logic of this privilege.  I want users to be able to assign themselves to a function and when it is assigned, they are the only person that can edit.

    How can I achieve this?  When I assign to the privilege as read only, they are unable to edit any function, even if they are the coordinator and not allowed to assign themselves either.

    If I leave read only as uncheck they can amend any function even if assigned to someone else.

    Please advise.  Thanks

  • Chelsea Dolman

    Hi Theresa,

    Are you adding the second part of the Access Privilege? Once you have added a coordinator to the access Privilege Privilege Details, it's important to right click on them in that section and select Assign Details. The Assign Details window will pop up and you need to ensure they are the only one assigned to the box on the right. The system will default this to All Coordinators, which might be why everyone is still able to amend the functions assigned to one coordinator.

    Let me know if this fixes the issue.

    Many thanks,



  • Theresa Gorman

    I have this working now but it is a bit labour intensive as you have to add each individual person for each of the coordinator.  Would be better if you had the option to add as roles as well as individuals.  

    There is also the maintenance if anyone new starts that you have to add them to all of the coordinator privileges too.

  • Chelsea Dolman

    Hi Theresa,

    Great to hear it is now working!

    As the Coordinator field is usually filled by a personnel account record, in most situations it is the individual that needs to be specified on the access privilege. 

    In terms of maintenance, this is a great point. Please enter an enhancement request with any ideas you have to make this easier.

    Many thanks,


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