Reclassify Journal Entry Lines



  • Jerry

    Hi there

    Just picked up this and started playing with it and noticed a quirk when we've picked up a GL entry that originated from Event Prepaid Reversals.  The reclass process allows you to pick these up for reclassifying but then when posting we encounter the below error:

    If we show the column "Prepaid status" (which wasn't shown) and then remove the prepaid status the journal is posted with no issues.

    So just wondered if we can get some confirmation of the logic for this scenario and if possible to avoid the error?

    Other than that, feedback from the Finance Team was very positive for this relatively new feature - woo hoo!


  • Maggie U.

    Hi Chris, 

    This is available in .98.



  • Lauren Curd

    Hi Jerry - 

    I tested this out and was able to get the same result.  I will enter something on our side to make this workflow better because it seems like we should be defaulting the value to blank.  



  • Chris Hunjas

    In what version is this functionality available?

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