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  • Lluís Plans

    This is very useful, but, what if I need to modify the order of the functions, due to a change of the agenda?

    How can we move one function up or down, and how can we print the functions ordered by time, not by the order of introduction?

    Also, it shlould not be possible to create a L3 function with a timming different to its L2 function.

    i.e.: if a L2 starts at 21:00 and ends at 23:00, all the timmings of all the L3 functions underneath, should be from 21h to 23h, and no functions shoyuld be allowed to start, let's say, at 19:30.

    is there a way to change this?


  • Carolynn Williston

    Hello Lluis,

    Due to the way function hierarchy works, moving functions is not possible at this time. However, you can fully edit scripted functions so they can easily be deleted or added to. You can also use scripting to help with this.

    Currently there are validations for indented functions with time spans outside the scope of their parent function. It should pop up with a warning mentioning that the "child" function is different than its "parent" function. If you are not getting that warning, it may be a configuration issue or something more serious, so we recommend reaching out to client care or your account representative for more information.



  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Team are you able to better articulate on this article how scripting from event or profile works when pegging to dates and times and how timings can change by the difference between the source and target events please? Example support ticket #216420

  • Carolynn Williston

    Hello Aaron,

    Per general scripting rules and the ticket you noted, scripting functions will preserve any time durations that the functions of the original event or function had. Therefore, if you have a very long function or a function set for a timeframe further out from the original event or main function, then it can be pushed into the next day. For example, if the original event you are scripting from was set for 5 pm but one of the functions is 6 hours long, scripting the functions from that event to another one that begins at 7 pm means that scripted function will now run to 1 a.m. the next day, changing the date the function ends. Similarly, if the original event begins at 5 pm but it has a function that begins at 8 pm, that 3 hour difference is preserved during scripting. An event scripted from that original one with a start time of 10 pm will now have a function that begins at 1 am the next day due to that 3 hour difference.

    I encourage you to test this with some sample events in your own system or reach out to client care if you have any further questions.



  • Nina Dennison

    When I use "Script from Event Profile" it doesn't populate the current Event Dates, it only shows a the Show Start date for Every date line. The Description should show the long form date for Event Dates populated. 

    I made sure I'm using "Peg to Target Functions". 

    The ONLY correct Date populating script that works is if I use the Script from the Event I'm working on, or pull from another Event that has only the Move-In, Event & Move-Out dates. 

  • Nina Dennison

    In these instructions it says "The steps below assume you already have an event profile and profile functions created for the Script from Event Profile process."  SO how do we create a Function Profile??  I don't see an "ADD" when I use the Functions tab in the Event Profile Edit screen.

  • Sean Tame

    To show the long form date description, a function must have a Usage with the Default Function Class of 'Date'.  

  • Nina Dennison

    Scripting from an Event does NOT pull the correct dates in the Event that I'm copying too. Example: Move In date is 8/25/23, the "Script from Event" will use the Event/Start Date 8/28/23, and if I use the "Script" in the Event itself it uses the correct Move-In date 8/25/23 as the start date. Pictures attached.

  • Nina Dennison

    Also, be aware, if you change the order of the Script it will NOT populate the dates into the Script you created. 

    Example: Move In, Event, Move Out is Momentus standard Scripting that populates the dates from the Event. If you re-arrange the order to Move In, Move Out, Event, it will NOT pull the dates into the script order you created. 

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