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  • Alex Randall

    Is it possible to bold or italicize the font of particular lines on the function calendar in v20? Or is that feature only available in v19?

  • Greg Janssen

    Hi Alex-

    There is some configuration you can do in the Function Calendar, however bolding and italicizing currently cant be added to how the functions appear. Font and font size are able to be modified. You also have the ability to change the Spaces to be "bolded" or a different color.



  • Alex Randall

    Thanks, Greg.

  • Tony Costantino (DeBartolo Performing Arts Center)

    How can I influence the sort order of functions displayed on the function calendar? For example, I'd like to "Crew Call" usage to appear at the top of the space and all other functions appearing below it.

  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Tony,

    There currently are no sort options on the Function Calendar.  This would be an enhancement request.  The default sort is by date and time. 

    You could set up a view to show only functions with the Usage of "Crew Call" but you would not then see the other functions, so that might not be what you are looking for.


  • Joey Lynn Pinaglia

    We jumped from v19 to v30...anyway in 19, if I was on an event, I was able to click the function calendar and it would open specific to the event I was in.  I do not see that option in v30 or am I missing it?

    The only way I can get an event specific function calendar is to go to the function calendar from the GNB, enter the event's move in date and use the filters to put the event ID in.  Is this the only way?



  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Joey,

    You can still go from the Event to the Function Calendar, which will open to the date range of the Event, but not filter to the specific Event.

    To go from the Event, click the View menu > Event Planning > Function Calendar.  The Calendar will open to whatever your last view was or the default view, depending on your configuration, set to the In Date (or month) of the Event.  Note that this only works if you don't already have the Function Calendar open to a different date, and may or may not include the Space for the Event.  You can then use the Filters to select the specific Event.

    You can also do this from the Booking Calendar and the Booking Agenda.

    Your request would be great to add to Venue Product Ideas.



  • Joey Lynn Pinaglia

    Thank you Wendy, I have submitted it under Venue Product Ideas. 

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