Function Usages



  • Sean Tame

    Just wondering how we retire Usages?

  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Sean,

    There is not currently an option to Retire or inactivate Usages for Functions.

    Usages can be deleted.  When doing so, you will be warned if the Usage is used for any functions with the number of functions using it, but no details.  We do not have the Where Used/Replace feature available.  If deleted when in use on functions, the remaining functions will display the code for the deleted Usage.  If considering deleting, it would be best to do a search or query to find where the Usage is used and make changes prior to doing so.


    Wendy Thompson

  • Sean Tame

    Thanks Wendy,

    Is there any plans to improve this?  I have tried the search / replace method but this is not allowed in the bookings grid.  I don't think it is unreasonable to have a way to replace/retire/de-activate these sorts of configuration options.

  • Wendy Thompson

    I'm not aware of any current plans to make any changes.  May I suggest you post to the Venues Product Ideas forum?

    You mentioned bookings in your last comment.  You can edit the Usage and uncheck the "Use for Bookings" box if you don't want the Usage to be available for Bookings.  It will continue to be available for Functions, however.


  • Sean Tame

    I will thanks Wendy, but I cannot Edit Multiple on the Bookings to change the usage on existing records.  I feel uncomfortable deleting usages that have been used in the past without re-assigning them.

  • Mark Fingerhut

    Please note: The ability to retire Usages is now available in 20.97/30.97. Retiring a Usage will make it unavailable for selection going forward in Usage fields and Usage filter fields throughout the system. It will not affect any existing data. 

  • Nina Dennison

    What does this definition mean?? More clarification please. 

    • Type – Default function type to assign to the function when the function usage is selected.
  • Sean Tame

    Nina Dennison. Functions have a Type associated with them.  Some Types control other aspects of the function's behaviour and use.  The Default Type associated with the Function Usage sets the Type for any functions you create using that Usage.

    Most of the Types you will create should probably have a Default Type of "Open"

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