Replace the Office Add-In, Outlook Add-In and/or Excel Reporting Add-In



  • Karin van der Horst

    Unfortunally, our users dont have the necessary Admin rights ontheir ps/laptop. this is forsecurity reasons.

    thats why our support desk need to perform this iinstallation,they need to do that remotly- distribute the actions: uninstall and upgrade to the next version.

    The addins you provide are not in an msi and cant be distributed.

    at the moment the physical installation is not possible at all. (WFH globally)

    What options do you use in your organization to do the deinstalll/ install ??



  • Karin van der Horst

    is there a silent DE -instalation possible

  • Sara Noonan

    Hi Karin - that's correct.  There are options to silently install these add-ins.  The add-ins themselves are packaged in MSI files as well, so we would expect you to be able to do this.  Install instructions for add-ins (20.94 and up) are located here:


    There are some pointers on using silent install, but the process itself is outside of the scope of Ungerboeck Support.  Also, there is not a way to pass through settings into the add-in.

    Hope this helps!

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