Split Bookings



  • Jonathan Serret

    Trying to Split a Booking (in my test environment). The system keeps saying it can't save, because information has changed since my last refresh, but there is no refresh button in the Split Booking window. Any ideas?

  • Mark Pritchard

    Thanks for your feedback Jonathan.

    I retested this and the split bookings seems to working fine on v20.6FX9. Please re-try on your test system and if you continue to receive this 'refresh' issue, please contact your local USI Client Care Team.

  • Jaime Kenney

    Is there a way to split a booking/move a booking into a new event? We are looking to do this for billing purposes. Just wanting to know if we can move the booking versus marking the booking for delete.

  • Wendy Thompson

    Hi Jaime,

    There is not currently a way to move a booking to a different event.

    You can however copy a booking from another event, and then delete the booking from the original if that would help your situation.

    1.  Go to the event you want to copy the booking(s) to

    2.  Select any booking row (you do need to have a saved booking on that event) > right click or use the row action menu > select Copy From Event

    3.  In the window that opens, search for the event that holds the booking(s) you want to copy > Search

    4.  Select the booking(s) by highlighting and clicking Select

    5.  On the window that opens, highlight the booking(s) you selected and complete the appropriate Date and Time options

    6.  Click OK

    7.  The selected booking(s) are copied to the event and changes can be made as needed

    8.  Go to the event you copied the booking(s) from and delete if desired

    If you are only looking to change the billing on specific booking rates within the same event, that is also now possible (in v20.90) using the Split Order action on the Service Order if you have multiple rates on one order.  After splitting out the booking rate, you can edit the order and change the Bill-To as needed.  This does not apply to booking rates on Contracts (using the Ungerboeck Contracts module).

    1.  On the service order with multiple booking rates > right click or use the row action menu > select Tools > Split Order

    2.  The Split Order window opens with all items that are available to be split on the left side

    3.  Move the item(s) you would like to split to a new order to the right side > click OK

    4. A new order is created for the selected item(s)

    5.  Edit the new order and change the Account(s)

    Booking rates can also be split to different orders using the Ungerboeck Contracts module by placing them on different contracts, which can have different Accounts associated with them.

    I hope one of these options will work for you!


  • Linda Hilko

    Jaime Kenny, did Wendy's suggestion work for you? I now have the same situation here i.e. a large booking that needs now to be broken into three events.

  • Bonnie Ma


    I found that after I split the booking, the contract would only show 1 booking line and the rest of split booking is unable to search and add.  I tried to remove but the system has prompted that it is under the contract which I could not find it. Anyone know how could I fix it?  I am at v30.97c now. 



  • Carolynn Williston

    Hello Bonnie,

    This was actually a bug reported by another customer as well. We have since fixed this and patched it to hotfix. Please let me know if you are still experiencing any issues with split bookings. If you are still not seeing the booking show up, double check your contract as you may need a revision to make up for the booking change. Let us know if you need anything else.



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